Were it not for the kind of season we are currently experiencing all over the world with the rampaging Covid-19 Coronavirus scourge, we know too well and are even too sure that drums in their multitudes would have rolled out in absolute fanfare, thumping their sounds and shouting for all to hear to celebrate this great fellow and an unwavering kind hearted soul, known to all as 'Elder Ekeoma Eme Ekeoma' [Quadruple E], the Chairman of one of the best indigenous oil and gas firm, operating credibly in the downstream sector of the Nigerian economy, that's talking about 'Nepal Oil and Gas Group, where his supremely gorgeous wife, his jewel of inestimable value, his sumptuous Gem like no other, 'Barrister Ngozi Ekeoma', holds the reign as the supremo or better still head honcho- Managing Director.

    The avowed humble billionaire businessman, a foremost Christian at that, who doesn't for any reason joke with his faith, is the brother-in-law of the well respected young businessman, philanthropist & politico juggernaut in the making, Honorable Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso, who many views as a prince designate/heir apparent, one that would most likely become the Governor of Abia State, sometime soon in the nearest future.

    Elder Ekeoma is the enabler of a Christian Fellowship that seeks to prepare the world for the next coming of the Supreme Lord, Jesus Christ. He is one man whose other name can be tagged as "Mr. Generosity", is a philanthropist par excellence.

    Believers Fellowship was formed or founded in 2016. And it's not a church, but an inter-denominational fellowship of like minds that meets fortnightly, this was before the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic came in and disrupted everything.

    'Elder Ekeoma Eme Ekeoma, today June 25, 2020 clocks 6 decades on Earth and since Covid-19 has disrupted people from going all out to celebrate a quintessential great man from Igbere in Abia State, who is leaving his mark on the sands of time examplarily, people have thought to send him an avalanche or cascades of well meant, well wishes, extolling his exemplary virtues to high heavens. He is one true jolly good fellow that all and sundry agrees is a solid character worth all the encomiums that's pouring his way.

    Elder Ekeoma married his beautiful wife the then Ngozi Anyaso close to 3 decades ago at the age of 16. It was at her husband's house, that she returned back to school till she finished her law degree. Showing a great personality of a woman who wasn't ready to just sit at home and just be a wife. It also showed a great and highly confident man, who wanted the best for his much younger wife. All the while her education was going on in earnest, it didn't stop Ngozi from building her family. Now at 47 going 48, she's a mother of 4 well brought up kids, who are doing quite well too. They are 2 boys and 2 ladies to be more specific. In fact one of the ladies, their eldest daughter-Ezinne is married and with kids too. Her traditional wedding a few years back in Igbere was one of the biggest, most glamorous and most intimidating ever held in that town.  Mrs. Ngozi Ekeoma is a doting grand-mother many times over. Their eldest son Alex Ekeoma, is the CEO of GEO Travels & Tours.

    Nepal Oil and Gas which is the major cash cow of the family, was established in 2004 and they are into the importation, warehousing and distribution of petroleum products likes of AGO, DPK, PMS, ATK, LPFO, Lubricants and others. They own a massive tank farm in Ogbara, Delta State with a capacity of 60000 metric tons. Nepal has also extended it's tentacles into the aviation business too with Nepal Aviation Fly Limited. They are also a shareholder in Genesis Electricity Limited which is involved in Independent Power Generation and they have been a part of General Electricity since 2010.

    The gentleman par excellence is a Christian Celebrity by all standards and we are happy to celebrate him and we wish for him, many more beautiful and excellent years in good health and in the grace and mercy of God.

    Happy 60th!!!!

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