• Casting My Burdens - Daughters of Promise - November 17
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    By: Christine Wyrtzen

    Cast your burdens upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee. Psalm 55:22

    These are days filled with anxiety. The world feels as fragile as an egg shell. So do some elements of my life, some people that I love. As one who endeavors to carry everything and everyone to Jesus in prayer, I needed new insight this morning about casting my cares upon Jesus. "Why are these burdens heavy? And how can I better understand how to cast them upon You in a way that brings greater relief?"

    These were my questions earlier this morning as I poured out my heart to the Lord. Some burdens are heavier than others but sometimes, the weight of a single one could threaten to drown me. Other times, it's the accumulation of them that weighs me down. Like Job, who sustained a series of losses and over a long period of time, the dailyness of them is wearing. Add to that, there are seasons when God seems to hide His face. Over the long haul, this builds my faith but there are moments when that fragile eggshell describes me. I'm poised on the line between faith and hopelessness. The temptations of Satan intensify during fragile times. He is like a stalker, waiting to see when God's child is at his most tender place. Then, he brings whispers of doubt and insinuations that my trust in God is misplaced. This makes for a tenuous situation spiritually.

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