• Clients Of Brault Practice Solutions Receive An Exceptional Performance Bonus From The CMS MIPS Program (PY 2019)

    As part of the CMS MIPS program, Providers must submit annual performance data that can result in either a Medicare bonus payment or penalty based on how well they performed compared to other Providers.

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has formally released group feedback for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which is meant to reward or penalize providers based on metrics related to the value and quality of their care. The maximum bonus/penalty potential is up to 1.79% of Medicare revenue for the 2019 performance year.

    "We’re excited to announce that all Brault clients, who chose us to submit MIPS quality measures with us, earned an Exceptional Performer designation," explains Dr. Andrea Brault, President & CEO of Brault Practice Solutions. "This means that they’ll each receive the highest possible bonus for the most recent performance year."

    In 2017, eligible providers were allowed to start submitting MIPS data to CMS – for the opportunity to earn a bonus Medicare payment. To participate, providers needed to select a set of measures to submit. Then, collect data on those measures and submit them to CMS at the end of each performance year.

    Now, the CMS MIPS program is reaching the end of its transitional period (2017 – 2021), with the full program set to roll out in 2022. The full rollout will include a bonus/penalty potential of up to 19% of Medicare revenue for the 2022 performance year. And the program will also be shifting to a budget-neutral pool of funds, meaning that bonus payments will come from those providers who receive penalties, with up to 50% of providers potentially at risk.

    "These incentive payments are especially important right now," continued Dr. Brault. "Many emergency groups are currently experiencing a significant decline in patient volume and revenue, and many are predicting even steeper declines in emergency medicine reimbursement over the coming years. Now is the time for us to be hyper-vigilant about our MIPS scoring, and we want to make sure our clients understand how to fully optimize their bonus potential before the stakes get higher."

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    The MIPS payment incentive program is part of the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) that was enacted into law in 2017. Under MIPS, Providers are automatically included in the MIPS program if they are an eligible clinician-type and meet the low-volume threshold, which is based on allowed charges for covered professional services under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the number of Medicare Part B patients. Learn more at https://qpp.Cms.Gov/mips/overview


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