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  • Dear Godpaedia,
    I promised that I would send you one of our three most popular ministry resources.

    But before I do that I wanted to show you this great picture we recently found. Recognize this fine-looking couple?
    That’s a picture of Kenneth and Gloria when they first discovered faith, back in the 1960s. It seems like forever ago, but what I love about this picture is that it shows they were just an ordinary couple, no different from you or me. They just chose to take God at His Word and live a life of faith. Cool, huh?

    Ok, now that you know us a little better…check this out:
    This is the great ministry resource I promised to send you.

    You’re gonna love it! We have hundreds of articles online, and this is one of our most popular. It exposes six lies that many of us have heard about living by faith. It’s short but powerful—go ahead and read it now. It’ll energize your spirit!

    Then, get ready, because there’s something else coming your way soon…so keep a look out for it in your inbox.
    Talk soon,


    P.S. OK, so I changed my mind…

    Because we like to always under-promise and over-deliver, I’m going to go ahead and give you your second ministry resource today, instead of having you wait.

    (See, it pays to read these messages from beginning to END.) :)

    Here you go—Gloria’s latest book:
    “God’s Will for You” ebook by Gloria Copeland
    Your third gift will hit your inbox, so please keep an eye out for this subject line: Gift #3…as promised.
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