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  •  My name is Charles Ojochide Vincent, aka Chaojovin and I’m a Nigerian-born author, a songwriter, a singer, a visual artist, a spiritual philosopher and a humanitarian here to help bring peace, healing and create Heaven on Earth for all via the radiation of the Light of Divine Love.

    I research, write, speak and teach on all things relating to spiritual philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism and self-improvement; with my research, writings and teachings encompassing a very wide range of subjects such as the origin and the nature and the personality aspects of the being or existence of GOD or the Universe or the Source, spirit or soul or consciousness or mind, the self, self-awareness or self-knowledge or self-realization, God-realization, atheism, pantheism, panentheism, salvation, sex, sexual energy, sexual intercourse, death, reincarnation, love, family, friendship, human relationships, marriage, religion, spirituality, Heaven and Hell, polar opposites, duality and oneness, healing, environmental conservation, world unity and peace, beauty, the divine Universal Laws, Evil and Good, Light and Darkness, free will, cause and effect, karma, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, time, prayer and meditation, yin-yang balance, faith or the power of belief, the power of the spoken word, mindfulness, the divine masculine and feminine principles of creation, self-mastery, forgiveness, gender, gender equality, the power of thought, self-image, etc.

    Apart from the nonfiction (spiritual-philosophical and self-improvement) books which I mainly write, I also write (speculative) fiction (that is, novels, novellas, short stories, comic books and graphic novels) with spiritual and philosophical themes.

    I enjoy writing songs, singing and creating fine art (mostly with pencils on paper and paints on canvas, and a little bit of digital art).

    My songs talk about and emphasize the power of altruism or selfless unconditional love, (the need for) peace in both our inner worlds and outer worlds, the oneness of all life, freedom, self-realization, and human potential for greatness. My songs are intentioned and dedicated to making the unconscious (become) conscious and helping to heal wounded psyches.

    It is my firm conviction that since music and or songs moves people’s minds, the world needs more music and or songs that move people’s minds in the direction of altruistic love, unconditional kindness, world peace and unity, self-realization, and self-actualization.

    Regarding my art, I mostly create expressionist-cum-realistic paintings with imagery depicting or representing nature, the human figure, and spiritual cum mystical themes bordering on or including the surreal.

    I care very much about the welfare of my fellow humans. Hence I am very committed to helping others in whatever ways I can to realize healing, balance and peace within themselves.

    I am all about unconditional love, peaceful coexistence and creative collaboration between all humans regardless of their individual differences and preferences. I also care about preserving the natural ecosystems of our planet Earth.

    To sum it all up about me: My sole mission in this life is to help bring divine healing, salvation, balance, peace and bliss to everyone everywhere through the radiation of the Love-Light of the Universal Christ within me. I am here to raise Christ Consciousness in the Earth-world and to help create Heaven on Earth for every being. And I am not alone on this mission.

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