• Hon. (Pst) John Ewa Proposes Skill Acquisition Programme for Boki Youths  Pospi Otuson

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    The Executive Chairman of Boki local government council, Hon. (Pst) John Ewa, have unvield his plans to organize a Rural Youth Skill Acquisition Programme for Youths in over 200 Boki Communities.

    Speaking at the Day-2 of the Boki peace tour in Bashua Community of Boki Local government council, Hon. Ewa explained the need for the programme, said unemployment is now a matter of emergency, which urgently needs attentions. According to him, only empowerment programmes, with entrepreneurship-oriented goals, could spell end to Community unrest caused by youths and the unemployment crisis in the country. He further said that the programme will be carried out in each of the eleven wards of the council.

    Hon. Ewa maintained that his administration’s main agenda is making sure Boki LGA is peaceful and also to en,sure a developmental driven economy for the Boki Nation. He expressed his passion on skill training for youths, that would enlighten youths on productive enterprises.

    “It is high time we start engaging our youth and giving them hope for a better future,” Hon. Ewa said.

    He also analyzed the developmental strides and upgrade going on in other LGAs in the state, the Companies, institutions, Hotels, and Government organizations asking 'What's is happening in Boki?'

    Ewa made much emphasis on the attitude and behavior of the youths as he believes this is the major reason why Boki remains underdeveloped. He said "One of the major markets that attracts buyers from Akwa Ibom, Benue State, Ebonyi State and many other places was Okundi market; but when people from far see young youth displaying big guns in broad daylight, killing themselves, nothing will make them come back".

    Pst Ewa, maintained that the menace of cultism amongst youths in Boki local government scares away Investors, opportunities and development in the Boki nation. "Why can you not forgive your brother instead of looking for a good way to kill him?" He asked.

    He then urged Young Boki people to play with objectives of Boki Peace Tour and live peacefully, harmoniously with on another.

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