• How to make mobey with facebook
  •  Billion of people are online using Facebook account. since Facebook gain billion user, some people are making huge money from Facebook. hence a large amount of the users maintain Facebook pages and they are calm not sure on how to cause to feel cash with it.

    Below info is how to start Facebook page and how to make money from it.

    Let start here.

    Note this; I will advice you to first concentrate on building a page and gain large audience before looking for the earning options. The main motive behind creating a page should be to provide quality content and not just to share your links, because people liked your page for the content you shared, and not to buy something through your affiliate link or to read promotional content not related to the page.

    Create Facebook fan Page if you don't already have it.

    If you don't have a Facebook fan page yet, you will need to create one because we're here to read about making money from Facebook fan page. Create Facebook fan page about whatever you're interested in, like joke, entertainment, business ideas, traveling, etc.

    Write a good / benefit content.

    Compose good and benefit content on you Page and engage as countless as users possible. Share on others Facebook page or group, ask audience for comment, like and share, so once your Fan page as starts being paid lovely reply and respectable sum of likes, you be capable to move to the next step.

    How to monetize Facebook page ( Make money from your Page )

    Apply for Affiliate marketing

    I think you have an idea on affiliate marketing, if no, then use the search box on the blog to search Affiliate marketing, after you have gain some idea, then move in with Affiliate marketing.

    Visit those website below or search on Google Affiliate marketing Registration.


    Clickbank.com, Shareasale.com

    Register to those website, look out for product on list, check the link for the product listed, copy the link and paste it to your Facebook page,

    Note; before you paste the link, you have to write about the product and paste the link below the product article.

    Write Sponsor Post or link your Facebook page to your website to drive traffic.

      Since your Page has much audience and likes, people might ask you to help them promote their stuff e.g music, video, business, event, e.t.c.

    So you will have to negotiate the price before you continue.

    Moreover, if you have a monetize website or blog already, you can also link your website or blog to your Facebook page in order to drive traffic. The more people visit your website or blog some might click on your website advert which will generate more income for you.

    Give Shoutouts to smaller Pages :

    Since your Facebook page gain large audience, then upcoming page contacts you to promote their pages for some amount of money. Though it well done on Instagram pages, on Instagram some people with large audience page are already making handsome amount of money through shoutouts so it can also be apply on Facebook too.

    Advertising Your acknowledge product/ talent:

      You can also sell your your own product with Facebook page or promote your skills online, if you have an online store, you can link your Facebook page with it to drive traffic or show out your talent like music, artwork e.t.c, so from there you might get sponsored.

    With this view point of mine, I think you have gained some idea on how to make money from your Facebook page, if you want more idea, you can comment with the comment box and I promise to guild you.

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