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    Everybody wants to raise a successful kid, but what does that really mean? What does it really mean to raise successful kids? What are the success principles needed to get kids to where you are or where you want to be?

    The answer is not all that simple. Different people have different definitions of success. Maybe your definition of success is money, power, or lots of friends/influence. Maybe having high self-esteem and healthy and successful relationships are your top goals for success.  If you want to truly transform yourself for success, and thus raise a household of tiny successful people, you must decide what you want for your own life, and help your kids visualize what they want in their lives. Reject rejection and begin with the timeless principles and success habits that will give your child’s life purpose, as well as your own life.

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    When it comes to true success, I think we all can agree on one thing. True success means being happy with yourself, being happy with your life, and making a positive difference in the world.

    I scoured some of the best seller success and self-help books from expert authors and life coaches. Some of these books include:

    The Bible (God)

    Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

    21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (John Maxwell)

    How To Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie)

    The Richest Man in Babylon (Samuel Clason)

    The Go-Giver (Bob Burg)

    The One Minute Entrepreneur (Ken Blanchard)

    Mastering Your Inner Critic (Susan Brady)

    Awaken the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)

    Chicken Soup for the Soul series (Jack Canfield)

    And many many more. Each great book has made a powerful impact in many lives. Whether you read books or listen to audiobooks, filling your mind with positive goals and truths will slowly transform your life. I took the books listed above, along with many I did not list, and compiled a list of 100 success principles you should teach your kids. These are timeless principles that will give your home the fundamentals of success and personal growth.

    If you make every effort to teach your kids the success principles on this list, your kids will be that much closer to leading a truly successful and fulfilling life.

    100 Success Principles You Should Teach Your Kids

    (Note – to better serve you, a lot of the items listed below are clickable and lead to quality resources – on this site as well as on others – that will help you learn and teach these principles.)

    1. How to face and conquer fear

    2. How to focus on the task at hand

    3. How to lead others

    4. How to overcome obstacles

    5. The bigger the obstacle, the bigger the reward (no pain, no gain)

    6. How to take responsibility for one’s life/actions

    7. How to work as a team

    8. The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people

    9. The importance of gratitude

    10. The importance of being happy no matter your circumstances

    11. The importance of always trying to improve your circumstances

    12. The importance of service/serving others

    13. The importance of agency

    14. How to pray

    15. How to trust in God

    16. How to listen to The Spirit

    17. The importance of tithing

    18. Your mindset determines your future

    19. Negative thoughts beget negative results

    20. Positive thoughts beget positive results

    21. The importance of downtime

    22. The importance of being kind in all situations – even when others are not kind to you

    23. How to keep the opinions of others from affecting you

    24. The importance of humility

    25. The importance of curiosity and asking questions

    26. How to have a growth mindset

    27. How to know when to let others have the last word

    28. How to focus on your strengths

    29. How to overcome your weaknesses

    30. Change is a good thing

    31. How to dream big

    32. Why dreaming big is important

    33. How to set and accomplish your goals (the power of goal-setting)

    34. How to commit

    35. Integrity (doing what you say)

    36. Honesty (it’s important to tell the truth)

    37. How to be mindful of others

    38. How to say no

    39. The importance of repentance

    40. The importance of forgiveness/how to forgive

    41. Always give more than you take

    42. How to control your thoughts

    43. How to make decisions (and then own them)

    44. The importance of self-improvement

    45. The importance of remembering names

    46. How to accept feedback (including negative feedback)

    47. How to accept rejection

    48. How to believe in yourself

    49. How to break down goals into obtainable tasks

    50. The importance of exceeding expectations

    51. The importance of education (not necessarily formal)

    52. The law of attraction – you attract to you what you are

    53. The law of sowing and reaping – you get back what you put in

    54. How to act in faith

    55. How to become a leader worth following

    56. How to develop interpersonal relationships (people skills)

    57. The importance of a good mentor (and how to find one)

    58. The importance of trusting your gut

    59. Don’t be afraid of money

    60. Don’t be afraid of failure

    61. How to learn from your mistakes

    62. Loyalty – the importance of, and how to know when to break ties

    63. Self-control

    64. Patience /long-term thinking

    65. Mercy

    66. Confidence (and how to keep it from going too far)

    67. The importance of being proactive

    68. Resourcefulness/problem-solving

    69. The importance of playfulness/having fun

    70. How to hold a conversation with people who aren’t like you

    71. Reliability

    72. Respect (how to earn it and how to give it)

    73. The importance of being kind to animals (and plants too)

    74. Compassion

    75. The difference between being just and being fair (and how to accomplish each)

    76. The importance of authenticity (and how to be authentic)

    77. How to work hard (and smart)

    78. The importance of persistence (and how to practice persistence)

    79. Good manners/how to be polite

    80. Conscientiousness/self-awareness

    81. The effect even little habits have on our lives

    82. The importance of tact

    83. Being open to receiving

    84. How to be trustworthy

    85. How to have an open mind (without letting your opinions be swayed by others)

    86. How to refrain from complaining

    87. How to refrain from gossip

    88. How to be understanding

    89. The importance of being well-read

    90. How to be selfless

    91. How to be considerate

    92. How to manage money

    93. The importance of creativity/imagination

    94. How to know when to be silly (and how to know when to be serious)

    95. The importance of core values (and sticking to them)

    96. Actions speak louder than words

    97. The importance of being healthy (physically, mentally, and spiritually)

    98. How to be content (without settling)

    99. How to be a good listener

    00. The importance of being punctual

    Is this a complete list of success principles for kids? No. But it is a good start. These timeless principles are the success principles you need to get you what you want in your own life as well as in the lives of your children.

    Teach your kids these success principles and you will be well on your way to raising successful kids who are ready to make a positive impact on the world. Because at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

    And if you liked this list of 100 success principles for kids, you might also like this post on 61+ survival skills to teach your kids .

    Tell me – what would you add to the list? Comment below!

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