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    Warrior Mom Wisdom Devotional

    It's All Relational

    I recently experienced a very deep disappointment. I had faith that I would be successful at something, and I wasn't. It hurt. My pride was not as harmed as my faith. I knew that this was not an issue about whether I "won first place in the race," as much as it was about how much I trusted God. I had a broken heart, but what concerned me the most was that my faith took a beating. For 3 days I cried. I cried out to God too. I was upset that He had not "helped me win this race." More so, I was upset with Him and I needed Him all the more.

    I'm just being honest here. It's kind of like how our kids must feel with us. They want to be so mad at us because we don't let them have their way, but they also know that we are the ones driving them to school the next morning and buying their next pair of tennis shoes. They can't stay mad at us forever.  Well, they can, but it ends up harming them more than being mad helps them – so, eventually, they soften towards us again.

    I felt this way about my relationship with God the other week.  After 3 days, and after I came back to my spiritual senses, I was talking with God (not really expecting Him to answer. After all, I had been rather rude the last few days). But God is such a loving Father, and He is so forgiving. He spoke, and what He said to me really made me think. I've been thinking about it for a week now, and I keep gaining more insight in regard to what He said…

    He said, "It's all relational."

    I said, "How can that be? I don't even HAVE a relationship with this person" (I was referring a person involved in me "not winning the recent race).God didn't need to speak again because as soon as I spoke, I understood what He meant.

    God impressed upon me that even when we don't think we have a relationship with someone, we do. The difference is found in the "depth" of the relationship. I thought of people I know, but don't know very well, and I realized that I do have a relationship with them; it's just not a deep one. I thought of mean people I don't particularly like, and I realized that I do have a relationship with them; it's just not a "friendship" type of relationship…. I thought of people who have persecuted me, and I realized that I had a relationship with them too…. Interesting, I thought, "I guess it truly is all relational and it all boils down to the "depth of the relationship."

    God had more to teach me, however, and a few days later He said, "All of your relationships exist or flourish based on your relationship with Me." Wow! Now I was really excited because I thought of a recent year-long battle I had with someone who persecuted me, and God impressed upon me to love them and serve them and pray for them, despite their actions of persecution towards me. I did as He directed me. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

    Now, a year later, I have a deep friendship with the person who persecuted me. I now see that my relationship with them started out as them being the bully and me being the victim (and wanting to take revenge). It was a relationship. It just wasn't a healthy one – or a deep genuine one. Now, the relationship has flourished into a friendship, but only because of the relationship that I have with Christ. You see, me and myself - we aren't capable of loving mean people. Me, myself and I just want to run very far from mean people, but God has a different agenda, and it is by His strength and His grace that I am saved, and it is by His grace and His strength that any relationship exists.

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