• Let the wicked be ashamed;
  •  Ashamed No More

    What is it that you are most ashamed of? Perhaps it is a secret sin, one that no one knows about and, hopefully, never will. Of course, God knows.  Maybe you have acted in ways that you should not have, not shown mercy or forgiveness. Or is it that you can't forgive yourself?

    When Eric's father came home, he ran to him and confessed what he had done. Of course, there were consequences. Eric had to replace the windows himself with his dad's guidance. But, his father still showed mercy and understood that an accident can happen, even one that could have been avoided by thinking through things before starting the game.

    Whatever it is today that is on your heart, whatever may be keeping you from fully loving the Lord, bring it to Him. Call out to Him with a heart of repentance, He will indeed show His mercy and take your shame away. Will you trust and call upon the One who saves us?

    Precious Heavenly Father, we so often carry our shame for far too long.  We know in our heads that your son Jesus nailed that shame to the cross, yet our hearts don't believe it. Help us to see that all we need to do is call out to you and you will indeed take away our shame and sorrow. In the most beautiful name of Jesus, we pray. Amen

    Do not let me be ashamed, O Lord, for I have called upon You;

    Psalm 31:17

    Thought for today: Eric was not happy about what he had done and was not certain about how exactly he was going to tell his father. He and his friends were playing a game of baseball in the field behind his family's barn. Had he been thinking, Eric would not have made the area near the barn the outfield. He was at bat when the ball was pitched, contacted his bat and flew through the air. It likely was a homerun although no one noticed once the glass broke. Having gone through a rather large window in the barn, the ball abruptly ended the game.

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