One of the most critical factors in leadership is Vision. Without vision we cannot motivate people to follow us, whatever the level we are leading, be it an organization, nation or family. Also remember that the aftermath or the expectation of a leader is to see people follow him/her which means success for the leader in question.

    The word vision is the ability of the leader or the person to see the end product of what he/she is pursing to achieve. During the opening of the Disneyland in Florida, the master of the ceremony who introduced Mrs. Disney said to her “Mrs. Disney, I wish that Walt Disney was here to see this” because as at that time when it has become a reality, Walt has passed on. Mrs. Disney stood up and got the microphone and said “Walt saw it. “ She gave the microphone back and sat down. The truth is Mr. Walt saw it before it became a reality because he was the one that conceive the vision right in the inside of him, so thought he is not there when it became a reality but he was the first to see it. That is the power of vision, Mr. Walt one day said to his son after looking at the unfruitful land “I can see a mountain there.” The son replied “a mountain in Florida? There are no mountain here” Walt said “I see it.” Then he went ahead and describes all the things he saw; the park and the families that would come and have fun with their children. This man was able to dream and it became a reality.

    Martin Luther King Jr. said; I have a dream, that someday our children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” What he said is happening freedom and equal rights for all in the United States of America and even having a black as a president in the person Barack Obama.

    A man by the Robert Woodruff was the president of Coca Cola during the World War II, he made a powerful statement “I see a vision that wherever American soldiers are five years now, they will be able to buy a bottle of Coca Cola for five cents.” They made it. Then he expanded the vision and said, “I see people all over the world being able to drink Coca Cola.” That is how Coca Cola expanded because one man was able to see what naturally speaking at that time, did not make sense at all.

    Bill Gates’ dream was to develop a program that will make the personal computer user friendly so that people all over the world would find it convenient to use. Bill Gates’ dream becomes a reality, in fulfilling his dream he became the richest man in the world.

    Until our eyes see, our ears hear and our hearts grasp, things cannot move from the invisible world to the visible. What you see is what you become; the foundation for improvement, change and progress is vision.

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