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    November 13

    Bringing Our Emotions Through The Fire

    "But, O LORD of hosts, who judges righteously, Who tries the feelings and the heart…"

    Jeremiah 11:20

    Emotions are like the waves of the ocean; they can overtake us without notice, they can dash against us and all those around us like mighty breakers over the reefs of life many times bringing harm to all in their path. Our emotions will put our very heart on parade in pomp and circumstance for all to view. Some will cheer from the sidelines finding great amusement at the spectacle before them, while others will raise their trumpets of judgment from the sideline of self-righteousness. Whatever platform we have placed ourselves upon or even buried ourselves beneath, we all have emotions that we have to deal every day; in and through every situation. I don't believe any of us have been, or are, immune from the affects of our own feelings or the feelings of others. Emotions affect every area of our lives and none of us can escape encountering them. We can't get away from ourselves, no matter how far we run! Many have set out to "find themselves" as if they could run away and not know it! It's not like we can send a message to ourselves saying: "hold on, I'm on my way"!

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