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    November 15

    Expressions of Love

    "always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you al."

    Philippians 1:4

    A timely word, receiving a card in the mail, a phone call or bouquet of flowers sent to you for no special occasion but because you were special to someone else is a boost to the soul. How uplifting these are to the weary soul or the one who feels they are of no worth or just feeling low thinking they have been forgotten. The apostle Paul too the time to tell these precious saints at Philippi how much they meant to him. In fact they were so important to him that he took the time to thank God for them personally. The thought of them brought praise for God to the heart of Paul that overflowed into his prayer time. Paul had discovered a wonderful spiritual secret to influencing the lives of others; express your love and appreciation for those who are meaningful in your life and forget them not.

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