• Self-Realization, Self-Actualization and Self-Empowerment

    By Chaojovin October 13, 2020

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    Self-realization basically means to know your self as you really are with regard to your potentials or strengths and weaknesses, your fears and hopes, your deepest desires, who you really are WITHIN, in your mind or heart-core of being.

    It means the discovery of one’s innate potentials, life purpose or highest calling and the realization of one’s Essential Self — THAT which you really are before and beyond the physical body and or mind.

    Self-realization includes or leads to God(dess)-realization. Not a God(dess) outside of yourself but THAT ONE which or who you really (primordially-eternally) are before and beyond all space-time.

    Self-realization involves finding by yourself the answers to these questions: WHO or WHAT am I really? WHY am I as I am? WHERE did I come from? WHY am I HERE? WHAT do I really want in this life? And much more.

    Self-actualization basically means fulfilment of one’s potentials or life’s purpose or highest calling. It’s all about becoming the best you can be especially within a chosen field of self-expression.

    Self-empowerment basically means being in charge of your own life. It’s about creating your own destiny or future via conscious, well-informed decisions and taking mindful actions in the present in the light of self-realization.

    Self-empowered persons consciously create their futures in the present. They live their futures in the here and now.

    Self-empowered persons have their destinies in their hands and take full responsibility for their lives without blaming anyone for the way their lives are and without waiting for anyone to come and save them.

    Self-empowered persons are basically self-reliant and seldom ask for help except when they REALLY NEED it.

    Extract from Life As I See It: Meditations of a Spiritual Philosopher, Volume Three

    © 2021 by Charles Ojochide Vincent, aka Chaojovin.

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