• Spirit-Led Business (Book And 2 Free Courses)

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    Practical Guide from a Christian Mom of Six and Her 30 Years of In-Home Business

    Heaven is raining down ideas and answers to your problems. It’s broadcasting like a radio signal that you can tune into. How do you tap into that channel? And how do you get clear on who you are and what you’re here to be/do so you can discern the ideas and answers that are right for you? How do you get the inspiration you need to best serve your family, friends, clients and customers?

    That’s what Trust Your Heart: Spirit-Led Business is about.

    If you’re a Christian in business who wants success to flow in a more relaxed way because you’re guided by God, this book is for you. I’ve operated an in-home business for three decades. I know what it feels like to run an in-home business while rearing six children. Seeking God’s guidance was a must! Over the years, I’ve seen big wins and big losses. In this book I explain how it all worked together for my good, and how everything you’re experiencing can work together for yours.

    In the book I talk about how I went from a workaholic, wearing the word “busy” like a badge of honor, to following God’s direction in creating a peaceful, serene, simple life. You’ll learn how He taught me to focus on reflection, observation, developing talents, self-expression, service, and creating what brings me joy and fulfillment.

    It’s a wonderful place to be. I’m not running from one project or place to another anymore. Rather, I start each day asking God what He’d like me to do. Most days He answers: “Whatever brings you joy.”

    Within the pages of Spirit-Led Business you’ll discover how to:

    Tap into inspiration in a powerful way

    Get answers to your pressing problems

    Value yourself and not sell yourself short

    Get a clear direction, focus and stick with it

    Prosper with multiple income streams

    Leverage the power of relationships and collaboration to magnify your influence and success

    Work in harmony with your natural rhythm (aka creative cycle) and understand where you are at any given point within it

    Act when inspiration comes

    Be true to yourself and who you are

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    While God can inspire us directly, He also uses other people. In the book, I share insights from people who taught and worked alongside me in my darkest hours and in my greatest successes. In the course, you’ll actually hear from several of God’s messengers in my life as we discuss and expand different principles outlined in the book.

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