• Success: Back To Basics

  • Do you want success desperate enough you will stop at nothing to get it. Silly question that is. In reality most people wants success but do not know how to get it, or do not know that they do not know how to get it.

    This is an opinion that get reinforced as I study with diligence an early 20th century classic written by Napoleon Hill. In his 1937 book, "Think And Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill attempt to impart success know-how to the readers of his book as a "secret" that can be revealled only by reading and studying the book carefully.

    Success is born of Desire. Most people have a desire for success, most give up looking for it along the way for some reasons known or unknown to themselves.

    Desire is a basic instinct of everything in the Universe. In Nature I can draw many examples: the Desire of hot air to rise, for the pressure in a volcano to normalise itself via an eruption, a plant desire for light, animals with a Desire for a good meal. These are all Desires uncorrupted by the so-called Intelligence that we humans have and results in Success most of the time.

    So it seems like somewhere along evolution, modern man has lost his Desire Program for Success. Wisemen come along, rediscover the program and devise methods of imparting this knowledge to their followers, either for profit or gain.

    From these realisations, came the notion of Faith. Faith is abstract. It just a word to describe observable behaviour. Faith is a behaviour that reinforced the Desire for success. Just like a dog is faithful to its owner. Man being faithful to his belief, religous or other wise. Faith in most things in Nature living or otherwise is instintive.

    For Man, unfortunately as a result of his own advancement in the evolution ladder, Faith is an abstract concept that needs to be acquire through indoctrination of the Human Mind.

    Faith has since then been simplified for the masses by these wisemen in the form of groups membership, one of which greatest manifestation is Religion. Thus through the ages, we see Man praying for his Desire from the One he believed ( have Faith in ), Buddha, God of Mercy, etc for Chinese, Jesus Christ/God for the Christians, and others.Through repeatation of prayers born of Faith came a realisation of the Desire.

    Disclaimer: The terms wisemen, Man does not denotes a sexism in this post or any where in this travelogue, rather is it use as a generic reference to man as a in Homo Sapiens.

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