• Ten richest countries in the world
  •  1. Qatar.

    Net Worth: $124,927

    Qatar is the richest country in the globe with a for each capita take home pay of $124,927. Qatar has a well residential grease exploration diligence somewhere the fuel engineering financial statement for 70% of its rule revenue, 60% of its GDP and 85% of its export earnings. though the magnitude of Qatar's GDP is barely in the apex 50th biggest in the world, the country's rather small populace of two million fallout in a great GDP for each capita.

    2. Luxembourg.

    Net Worth: $109,191

    Banking in Luxembourg is the prime sector of its saving with an asset bottom of over $1.24 trillion alone. A sign of wealth, Luxembourg takes second

    place with a for each capita GDP (PPP) of $109,191. This is nine period the globe average. The backbone of this tough cost-cutting measure is its day-glow economic sector, economic policies, steel sectors and dynamic industrial.

    3. Singapore.

    Net Worth: $90,531.

    The foundation of Singapore's wealth is its financial armed forces sector, a compound export industry, and its liberal monetary policies that advance development and innovation. Singapore has the second busiest docks in the world, exporting $414 billion of commodities in 2011 alone.

    4. Brunei.

    Net Worth: $76,743.

    Brunei, a petite country in southeast Asia, It is approximately finally supported by exports of crude oil and instinctive gas. Also, it has an economy that is a mixture of exotic and domestic entrepreneurship, leadership control and welfare measures, and village tradition.

    5. Ireland.

    Net Worth: $72,632

    Ireland central industries that boost its financial system are mining, textile, and fare fabrication -staple harvest in any economy.

    6. Norway.

    Net Worth: $70,590

    Ambitious by fishing, natural resources, and foremost fuel exploration, Norway is the 8th biggest exporter of crude oil, 9th major exporter of refined oil, and 3rd prime exporter of natural gas in the world.

    7. Kuwait.

    Net Worth: $69,669

    The highest valued currency note in the

    world at this time is at the Kuwaiti dinar. With near 10% of the world's grease reserves, fuel financial records for practically partly of GDP and 95% of export revenues and government income.

    8. The United Arab Emirates.

    Net Worth: $68,245.

    More or less one third of the $68,245 apiece capita economy comes from lubricate revenues, bit the service sector and telecommunications also contribute significantly.

    9. Switzerland.

    Net Worth: $61,359

    It is notable to observe that a quantity of of the wealthiest dwell in and companies in the humanity be the owner of Swiss bank accounts and consequently Switzerland has overkill hub to employ for investment purposes.

    10. San Marino.

    Net Worth: $60,358

    The tiny European microstate of San Marino holds the term of personality the world's tenth richest country, with the common private proceeds coming in at $60,358. main industries in San Marino bring in banking, electronics, tourism, cheese production and mauve.

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