• Top 10 Richest Man In Egypt
  •  1. Nassef Sawiris

    Net Worth: $6.1 Billion

    Sawiris is now the richest

    Egyptian. He has prepared famous wealth through business involvement typically by backdrop up a numeral of ventures across mining, lubricate and agribusiness and development. In conjunction with a macro grease endeavor owned by Abu Dhabi, Sawiris fit up a nation-state deposit that specializes in the construction of coal.

    2. Mohammed Mansour

    Net Worth: $4 Billion

    Mansour makes the the largest part segment of his wealth through the ownership of the Mansour Group an Egyptian accumulate circle with the sole license to domination McDonald’s ventures and sell in GM vehicles and Caterpillar gear. The Mansour Group makes the leading portion of its revenue through vibrant operations in outlandish countries.

    3. Naguib Sawiris

    Net Worth: $3.1 Billion

    Naguib Sawiris, he’s one of the mainly profitable businessman. He manages Orascom Media Telecom and Innovation alongside wear away Investment. Naguib Sawiris big business involvement spanned across innovation enterprises, media and booth handset contained by and outside Egypt. The overseas countries he unlimited his businesses to are Lebanon and Pakistan.

    4. Youssef Mansour

    Net Worth $2.9 billion

    Youssef Mansour is deliberate has one of the richest Egyptians alongside his brothers Yasseen Mansour and Mohammed Mansour. Youssef mutually with his two brothers, holds noteworthy shares in the Mansour Group. As an Egyptian amass company, the Mansour group makes the leading portion of its revenue from Caterpillar deals in distant nations counting a integer of African countries and Russia.

    5. Yasseen Mansour

    Net Worth: $2.3 Billion.

    As a constituent of the Mansour Group, Yasseen Mansour takes administrative amount owing of a go ashore progress solidify acknowledged as Palm Hills. He in addition manages the Mansour assembly respectable Egyptian friendship with the sole buff to divide up in Caterpillar in Egypt, Russia and a add up to of African countries. Besides, the Mansour grouping owns all-purpose Motors dealership thing with operations in Egypt and Iraq.

    6. Onsi Sawiris

    Net Worth: $1.9 Billion

    Nassef Sawiris is the manager of Orascom Construction Industries but in ill will of this, Sawiris static owns the section of the company. Onsi Sawiris is the father of Nassef Sawiris as ably as an aged limb of the Sawiris family one of the richest Egyptian backgrounds.

    7. Samih Sawiris

    Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

    Samih Sawiris was disc to exhibit create the chief portion of his wealth from tourism as he financial statement for 10 percent of the total shareholding of OCI development. Furthermore, he is in addition fit in to the Sawiris family. Alongside his father Onsi Sawiris and his brother Nassef Sawiris are painstaking has one of the richest men in Egypt.

    8. Shafik Gabr

    Net Worth: $720 Million.

    Shafik Gabr specializes in steel production, provision of logistical service for the grease and gas industry and prefabricated factories.

    9. Ahmed Ezz

    Net Worth: $520 Million

    Ezz is a steel entrepreneur at the main steel making set in the Middle East and as satisfactory the chief stakeholder of Ezz group.

    10. Raouf Ghabbour

    Net Worth: $440 Million

    Rauof Ghabbour magnifies his wealth as the administrator and chief executive of Ghabbour Auto. GB Auto is headquartered in Cairo and it is concerned with the meeting of automotive vehicles such as cars, trucks and cruisers.

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