• Top 10 Richest Women In America
  •  1. Alice Walton

    Net worth: $38.2 billion

    Industry: Retail.

    Walton’s family is in addition amongst the richest in the humanity which turn out Alice on the chief list. Alice Walton is the heiress of the Wal-Mart, the prevalent restricted employer in the country. She and other members of her family reach the Walton Family Foundation, which focuses on investing in programs related to K-12 education, environmental conservation and civilizing the excellence of life in Arkansas.

    2. Jacqueline Mars.

    Net worth: $25.5 billion

    Industry: Food

    Jacqueline Mars comes

    from one of America’s richest families which be selected for her inherited a significant quantity of wealth. Mars lives in Virginia, where the corporation Mars Inc is based. Mars owns a third share of the company, Mars Inc and her two brothers possess the other two-thirds. Mars Inc. was Founded in 1911, and it is the biggest candy maker in the world, with treats like M&Ms, Snickers and Skittles. The company has and lengthened to get rid of pet supplies.

    3. Laurene Powell Jobs

    Net worth: $19.4 billion

    Industry: Tech

    Powell Jobs is recently 54 years mature and in addition the organizer and

    president of the Emerson Collective, an organization that machinery with policymakers to invent solutions to issues in learning and immigration reform, amid other social justice issues. she has also

    founded other organizations, including College Track, a arrange that helps prepare

    low-income students for college.

    4. Abigail Johnson

    Net worth: $16 billion

    Industry: Money management

    Abigail Johnson is an 56 years old living women and moreover the head of the company of Fidelity Investments, which her grandfather founded in 1946. she took over the head of the company in 2014, and she went as chairwoman of the company in 2016.

    5. Blair Parry-Okeden

    Net worth: $12 billion

    Industry: Media

    Blair Parry Okeden guide over the company, Cox Enterprises after her mother, Barbara Cox Anthony died in 2007. As a result, Parry Okeden inherited a 25 percent stake in the company. Cox Enterprises is an Atlanta-based communications and automotive services. Parry Okeden straight away owns the ballet company with two other members of her family.

    6. Katharine Rayner

    Net worth: $8 billion

    Industry: Media

    Katharine Rayner is in addition one of the heiresses to the Cox Enterprises fortune. Rayner is plus the entire daughter

    of James M. Cox. She inherited a portion of her mother’s 49- percent stake in Cox Enterprises with her siblings, Margaretta Taylor, and James Cox Chambers. They both declare a 17 percent stake in the company.

    7. Margaretta Taylor

    Net worth: $8 billion

    Industry: Media

    Taylor  also benefit from Cox Enterprises, the third-biggest cable operator company in the U.S. Taylor and her siblings inherited their wealth from their mother stake after she died in 2015.

    8. Pauline MacMillan Keniath

    Net worth: $7.4 billion

    Industry: Food

    MacMillan Keniath is straight away 83 years old and she get to her wealth from Cargill, the chief food company in the world. Cargill food a wide

    variety of brands, plus animals food giants like Nutrena and Purina. Cargill Inc., the Minnesota-based food company that operates in 70 different countries with 155,000 employees. it was

    founded by keniath great-grandfather W.W. Cargill in 1856. Keinath owns 12 percent stake of the band and it alleged she is to be the chief shareholder of the company.

    9. Christy Walton

    Net worth: $7 billion

    Industry: Retail

    Christy Walton is additionally of Wal-Mart riches as the widow of John T. She is the Directors of the Children’s research Fund, which her partner co-founded. The concern is enthusiastic to ration low-income students break out poverty through educational opportunity.

    10. Ann Walton Kroenke

    Net worth: $6.6 billion

    Industry: Retail

    Ann Walton Kroenke is recently 69 year old and she is moreover Walton billionaire, she engender her wealth from her father, James Walton. The co-founder of Wal-Mart with his brother, Sam Walton.

    Kroenke inherited a portion of his stake in Walmart as her father died in 1995.

    Furthermore, kroenke is besides an registered nurse and she married to real estate billionaire Stan Kroenke. His husband

    owns a specialist sports teams, including the Los Angeles Rams and the Denver Nuggets.

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    Top 10 Richest Women In America

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