• Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In The World
  •  1. Vince McMahon.

    Net Worth $800 Million.

    Vince McMahon is the chief executive of the Entertainment company, WWE. Although, he was a ex- wrestler, he subdue hits the ring sometimes. He is the richest wrestler in the world. He is a commentator of WWE. He is extra that he won the World championships and Royal Rumble matches.

    2. Dwayne Johnson.

    Net Worth $150 Million.

    Dwayne Johnson is well know as " The Rock " is also the richest wrestler in the world and also a popular movie star in Hollywood especially in the Fast and Furious series. He was added has football player before venturing into wrestling. Due to his acting career and other endorsements he signed. He is the second richest wrestler in the world.

    3. Steve Austin.

    Net Worth $45 Million.

    Steve Austin is sound comprehend as Stone. Cold hails from Texas. He is and other has Hollywood actor and producer. He was the Co-general of Raw and host of the WWE Reality series.

    4. John Cena.

    Net Worth $40 Million.

    Cena is the most famous wrestler in the world with numerous fans in all country. He started his Wrestling career winning the Ultimate Pro wrestling, heavyweight championship. He also won series of titles like the WWE championship title, Royal Rumble matches in 2 times.

    5. Triple H.

    Net Worth $30 Million.

    Triple H real name is Hunter Heart Hemsley. He is among the top WWE earners and also a superstars. He is the current Executive Vice President of WWE and was added to be an actor movies in Hollywood.

    6. Scott hall.

    Net Worth $30 Million.

    According to his past history, Scott had won Intercontinental championships, United

    stated Heavyweight championships, Tag team championships, e.t.c.

    7. Stephanie McMahon.

    Net Worth $25 Million.

    Stephanie is currently the richest female wrestler in the world. She is the daughter of famous Wrestler and WWE owner Vince McMahon and wife to the Executive Vice president of WWE, Triple H. She is one of the hottest Divas in the WWE and currently the General manager of the Entertainment Company.

    8. Big Show.

    Net Worth $22 Million.

    Big Show is also a famous American wrestlers in the WWE. He is also an actor in Hollywood. He has won numerous titles like intercontinental championship, United States championship e.t.c.

    9. Kurt Angle.

    Net Worth $20 Million.

    Kurt Angle is an earlier WWE champion hails from Pennsylvania, prize-winning the state Wrestling championship, furthermore in the Olympics. He became a expert wrestler since 1996 and has won a numerous awards.

    10. Chris Jericho.

    Net Worth $18 Million

    Chris Jericho is an WWE superstar, Presently, He is an author and a musician.

    During his career in wrestling, he won about 30 championships and was the undisputed champion of World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He also has earned titles like the World Championships title, World heavyweight championships title, Grand slam e.t.c.

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