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    1 Peter 4:10 NIV Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

    We are God’s Virtuous Women

    Entrepreneurs and we work for God!

    Clothed with brilliance, we are a thriving online network of remarkable women committed to doing business God’s way.

    Here at GVWE, we are pleased to offer some of the greatest resources to ever grace a business. There is a reason that we boldly use our gifts for God’s glory.

    Our mission is to provide potential and seasoned female entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to excel and prosper in business. This is one of the many ways that we do business God’s way!

    By embracing God’s word and principles we share, care and give. For us, the concept is easy, the vision plain and the goal consistency.

    As a result, we enjoy success. We have been instructed to seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness at the core of our businesses.

    Along with this verse of Scripture, found in Matthew 6:33, we know that we must be obey His voice as we cleave unto Him. This is our open-door policy. Keeping God’s commandments and obeying His voice, we commit to Proverbs 31. Women of excellence, we faithfully follow God’s pathway for success.

    A community and powerful sisterhood of female entrepreneurs, we empower and embrace our ladies.

    We give glory and honor to God as we work to lift up His name. As we do this, we are blessed to be Spirit-led and fed. Our authentic womanhood of women

    entrepreneurs, give thanks to God for the indwelling of His Holy Spirit for it is He who instructs, counsels and guides us with His eye.

    We are forever enlightened, encouraged and enriched.

    We enrich, we inspire and we give.

    As Christian women business owners we share, enrich and bless our sisters in Christ Jesus by helping to build empires and dynasties. Our sisterhood is built on the very foundation of the word of God. Our sisterhood is one of commitment to God with thanksgiving for His precious gifts.

    Our community is one of authenticity and we dedicate ourselves to greater for you. We are here to empower, strengthen and bless you. To help you to deepen your faith to ensure your success. We know that God has given you the power to get wealth.

    Our ultimate goal is to help you to use that power to achieve great abundance. One way we do this is by networking and building trust. We love networking with like-minded women entrepreneurs who love the Lord and each other.

    Here at God’s Virtuous Women

    Entrepreneurs we showcase your businesses in bright lights. We support you and as you grow your business, we are here with you, to inspire and strengthen.

    Surrounded by God’s favor and honor, gratefully and loving embracing God’s principles of compassion, patience, understanding, humbleness, humility and integrity with a commitment to excellence. We apply these everlasting truths because they come from God. His word is true.

    Our goal is to guide you with ethical business practices. Being honest, kind and good is how you lay the foundation for your business.

    We are elated to provide you with powerful training tools. From website building (WordPress) to SEO we have you covered. Along with writing for and marketing your business, we are here. Whether you are just starting out or you have an existing business, we help to ensure you become a leader in your field.

    Here at GVWE, we offer you a wealth of resources to soar your business. It is our ultimate goal to connect you to other female entrepreneurs. This is where phenomenal greets amazing!

    God’s Virtuous Women


    We are a sanctuary for Christian women!

    When I think about God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs I think of you.

    As a female entrepreneur and owner of God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs, I want to inspire you through conversations with other female entrepreneurs.

    I want to encourage you. My plan is you first. To help you use your remarkable God-given gifts, I give you what God has given me. We are blessed by God to receive a myriad of tools and resources. You shall find those here. Now is time to get things done and to enjoy optimal success. Goal setting is an important part of entrepreneurial journey.

    I want you to succeed in every aspect of your business and brand. So it’s normal that when I think of you I automatically think about your unique skill set and your brilliant mind.

    Christian women entrepreneurs, you came here for a reason. Do you know why? Because you want to either start a business or you have plans to take your entrepreneurial journey to another level. You are equipped and ready to move mountains.

    You see yourself as that powerful entrepreneur, boldly using your voice and unique skill set. An awesome platform, your voice and beliefs propel you to prosperity.

    Being a part of such a wonderful community of other female entrepreneurs is exactly what you need. Our community is a great place to be. We are a group of amazing women, uniquely gifted, super talented and beyond intelligent. We have created and are in the process of building lives, through business that we all dream about.

    I would love to see you build business relationships and form long lasting bonds and connections right here at GVWE with other entrepreneur leaders who know their worth.

    Being an entrepreneur means you already know deep down and embedded within every fiber of your being that you have the awesome ability to be that brilliant and extraordinary entrepreneur with the strength and power you possess.

    Our mission is to give you that push we call inspiration along with the tools from website hosting, training and resources, from WordPress to graphic design , to help you to start and promote your business as you aspire to bring out the greatness that has been birthed in you.

    Tools for success for female


    As God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs there are specific tools you need in order to achieve the success your business deserves.  We believe we have everything you need to assist you in helping you to accomplish your daily list of goals. We want you to enjoy the wealth that comes from being the perfect example of what it means to be a highly successful and prosperous woman entrepreneur.

    Here are just some of the tools that we will be incorporating into God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs to ensure your long-lasting success and to benefit you in every area of your businesses.




    Out of the Box Mindset

    Mastering WordPress

    God’s Virtuous Women

    Entrepreneurs are bold, brilliant and courageous

    Being bold, brilliant and courageous where your business is concerned is the best mindset that you can have. Before entering into your office and sitting down at your desk everyday, speak encouragement into, through and over your business without ceasing to help ensure your success because you are your business.

    It is a known fact that when you speak words of encouragement over your business, saying and believing that your business is going to soar, it is going to do exactly that.

    You are going to see changes manifested in your business like never before almost immediately. The phone will start ringing, names of potential clients will find their way into your rolodex and you’ll never ever run out of new ideas for promoting and marketing your business.

    Female Entrepreneurs are more than bold

    we are powerful!

    God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs, be bold and watch your business propel into even greater! Do not ever doubt your abilities, no not ever.

    Do not be afraid to do the things that you were born to do. Use your knowledge and understanding, apply them to every aspect of your business for they are the components that can take your business to the mountaintop.

    Be brilliant amazing women


    Yes, be brilliant. That’s the norm for you. Your business is a gift and contains an array of treasures that you can use to help it to enjoy long-lasting prosperity.

    Use all the tools you have in your gift basket and let your brilliance shine directly into your business, onto the path, on the very foundation on which you’ve built your business; faith, trust and obedience.

    We are amazing women

    entrepreneurs and we are courageous because we are great

    Women in business, this is your season and now you have fearlessly stepped out on the cloud of faith to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.

    When you began your journey as an entrepreneur you already knew that you were going to change the world of business by implementing God’s principles into the heart of your business.

    Incorporating your knowledge, brilliance and spiritual understanding into the core of your dynasty, your success is g it deep into the structure and the very foundation on which your business stands and grows.

    Simply by being who are you, brilliant, focused, highly intelligent, bright, you’ve been able to enjoy phenomenal success as a female business owner.

    Blessed and equipped with a magnificent skill set that cannot be matched, you’ve opened the doors to your empire. It’s time to take your entrepreneurial journey today!

    There are no ceilings and limits in our online community of female entrepreneurs

    As women of God and entrepreneurs of the Most High, there are never any ceilings that you have to break through which means there are no limits on your life and no limits on your business. You have the awesome ability to soar as high as you choose! You have positioned and labeled yourself as a great, one-of-a kind pioneer.

    Committed to serving, helping and transforming lives, to meet the needs of others, your path of prosperity will be life changing for you.

    You wow the world with your brilliance, clothed with gratefulness. Phenomenal, you have the most amazing ability to do things others have dared or feared to do. Brilliant are you!

    Remarkable, you are the awesome Chief of Operations running every aspect of your business with the wisdom you’ve been gifted and with your knowledge you soar to even greater heights.

    The mind, character, heart and soul of female entrepreneurs define the Christian woman entrepreneur. Christian women are light; they possess brilliance and intelligence. Christian women in business recognize the fact that God is the reason that they are phenomenally successful and they simply love doing business God’s way!

    God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs roar in business!

    Let your voices be heard! Yes, we will offer you as many opportunities as you need to let your voices be heard!

    Roar God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs because you can!

    We want to hear what you have to say. Say it loud and speak with confidence great ones. Remember, your voice is your own unique and powerful platform so speak loud and be clear.

    It’s time for you to do amazing women entrepreneurs!

    This is your own personalized invitation into a world of power. I hope you accept this invitation into abundance and prosperity. Are you ready to say unto the mountain be though removed and be cast into the sea?

    Right here is where your blessings await you. Just know that we will be doing some phenomenal works by the help of God’s Holy Spirit. Where He leads, counsels and comforts we are there. Won’t you join us?

    Female entrepreneurs, you are invited to connect, network, share and give of yourself in a sweet and special way to bless other women so that you, too, can be blessed.

    Ready for the spotlight women of excellence? We will put you in the spotlight in an effort to help you to boost your business because one of our many goals is to help you to be the most remarkable entrepreneur that you can be. And you are never alone on this incredible journey.

    You are God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs, Women of Excellence, executing your business plan, one goal at a time, professionally and prudently, using your God-given gifts, lighting the path He has placed at your feet and as He establishes your goings you soar confidently to your destination!

    God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs are dynamic women and we are simply brilliant!

    We are amazing women entrepreneurs and we love to share.

    God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs are women of excellence. Gifted with unique skill sets, we are a brilliant online network of female entrepreneurs and we work for God. We have been gifted with unique skill sets and with the amazing ability to empower, conquer and change the world of business!

    Are you ready to join the GVWE community? Please click here and join our community now!

    All For His Glory!

    Cynthia G. Boyer, Founder/Owner,

    God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs



    1050 Airport Road

    PO Box 1863

    West Chester, PA 19380 267-808-4734

    Email: godsentrepreneurs@gmail.com



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