• 120 Positive Affirmations for Health & Healing

  • By Bernadette Logue


    Your mind has a powerful impact on your physical health.

    Medical practitioners and scientists speak and write about it, and research is freely available to show you the incredible mind body connection.

    By training your mindset to new perspectives, you can support your body and wellness.

    The audio below has been made with loving energy to help you do just that, and contains 120 positive affirmations for health.

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    ? FREE DOWNLOAD – Click here to get the 120 Positive Affirmations for Health & Healing (PDF)

    By using positive affirmations consistently and repetitively (listen on a daily basis), you are guiding your mind to focus on health instead of illness, balance instead of imbalance, acceptance and allowing instead of confusion and resistance.

    Affirmations for health that work through shifting your perspectives in this way, also create positive flow on effects in soothing and elevating your emotional state…

    Positive Affirmations for Health & Wellness

    Examples of Affirmations for Health

    Below you'll find all the affirmations from the above audio in case you're a visual person and you like to see them in written format.

    These affirmations for health have been separated into “themes”, in case you want to zone in on a particular area that resonates or that you struggle with.

    Mind Body Connection

    The cells of my body are listening to me

    I speak to my body with positive intent

    My body takes its lead from me

    My mind has a powerful healing affect on my body

    I choose thoughts of total wellness

    I thank my body for all the messages it gives me

    I am grateful that my body tells me when something needs adjusting

    I listen to the intuition I have about my healing

    I trust myself

    I am a powerful creator of my health and wellbeing

    I talk to the cells of my body in a loving way

    My body is infinitely intelligent and has the capability to support itself

    I consciously create mental and emotional balance, helping my body's natural healing mechanisms to function

    I live in a quantum reality and my body heals in miraculous ways

    My mind is calm, my breathing is deep and steady, my body is listening to my healing intent

    My thoughts are my sacred territory and I get to choose which direction I focus them, and they are powerful

    I support my wellness with meditation, visualisation and positive uplifting perspectives

    My body is listening to my self-talk and I speak to it lovingly

    Environment & Nourishment

    I am hydrated

    I am nourished

    My environment supports my health

    I consume nourishing, alive, food from nature

    Water gives life to my body

    Sunshine illuminates my soul and supports my health

    I sleep well

    I feel energised

    Fresh food from nature nourishes my body

    When I sleep all the cells of my body work together in rejuvenation

    See Your Healed Self

    I am healed

    I am well and vibrant

    I see myself surrounded by bright healing light

    I hold the vision of myself smiling, light, active and thriving

    I am balanced

    I am loving

    I surround myself with pictures of me at my healthiest state

    I relate to myself as the most healthy and shining version of myself

    I focus on my end state healed self

    Each cell in my body is balanced

    The fully healed, healthy and glowing me already exists and I choose that me

    I imagine my body lit up with bright white healing light

    I see myself as fully healthy in my imagination

    My imagination helps to create my reality

    I give my attention to a future scenario I want, one that inspires me and represents my fullest potential

    I am as healthy and beautiful as the day I was born

    My thoughts focus on visions of me well, fit, healthy and glowing

    When I daydream I see myself at my highest potential

    I am holistically balanced in mind, body and soul

    Life Affirming Choices

    I say yes to all things that support holistic wellness

    I say no to things that do not serve me

    I courageously choose balance in my life for my mind body and soul

    I choose health

    I breathe into any discomfort

    Deep, slow breathing relaxes me

    I consume positive information, material, entertainment and conversations

    I regenerate and heal each moment of each day

    I choose health

    I choose healing

    I choose life

    I choose myself

    ? FREE DOWNLOAD – Click here to get the 120 Positive Affirmations for Health & Healing (Audio)

    ? FREE DOWNLOAD – Click here to get the 120 Positive Affirmations for Health & Healing (PDF)

    Letting Go & Emotional Release

    I am released of all past happenings and am fully present in the now moment

    I acknowledge the messages my feelings are giving to me

    I let all feelings flow freely through me

    I allow myself to express how I feel

    I forgive myself and others for all that I have previously been holding onto

    I send love to all those who have ever challenged me, may they be healed and balanced in their own life

    I send love to all those who have ever helped me, may they be healed and balanced in their own life

    I share my emotions openly, releasing that energy from my body

    I am free of the past and live fully in the present

    I speak up

    I express out my emotional energy

    I forgive myself, others and all that has happened in my life, I am free and my body lives fully in the present

    I learn from everything that happens in my life

    Own Your Power

    I trust my own intuition

    I am the leader of my healthcare team

    I get to write my own story

    I choose to make this day my own and to speak words that create a reality I enjoy

    I am the master of my path, the captain of my ship

    I am comfortable, supported and connected

    I am self-expressed and I am heard

    I am proud of who I am

    I believe in myself

    Self Care & Self Love

    When I rest all the cells of my body relax and come together as a team

    I love my body

    I love myself deeply and completely

    Love is here for me

    Support is everywhere

    I surround myself with loving people, situations and messages

    I have compassion and love for my body

    I am radiant

    I am kind to myself

    I am courageous, positive and filled with self belief

    When my body sends me a message, I pause, breathe into it and imagine light flushing through my body

    Love is the answer

    I love myself unconditionally

    I love my body and am grateful for it

    Gratitude & Joy

    I see all the blessings in my life

    I am grateful and that gratitude attitude supports my wellbeing

    I laugh often

    Fun and play are a priority in my life

    Joy is a healing state for my body

    I put myself with people and in places that are conducive to feeling good

    Spiritual Truth

    I was born with the ability to heal myself at all levels

    I call into my life people, information and support that aligns to my fully healed body

    I am connected and divine

    I am a special soul who is here in this world to be fully expressed

    I am supported by love all around me

    I am surrounded by an entourage of spiritual guides and unconditional divine love

    All things are possible for me

    Imbalance is a trigger to help me back to balance

    All adversity contains gifts of learning and I wholeheartedly accept all learning and growth I am experiencing

    I take onboard support, advice, love and expertise from others and then trust my intuition and body about what is right for me

    I open my heart to what life and my body are telling me and supporting me to learn

    Health is my birthright

    Healing is now

    Wellness is my reality

    Every possibility exists for me always

    I believe in miracles, blessings and my souls ability to be fully vibrant right now

    All things are possible and I claim my highest possibilities

    My energy field is flowing freely, easy, vibrantly

    Love envelops me and soaks into every cell of my body recalibrating me to my original divine state

    Recommended Books

    If the connection between your mind and your physical health interests you, there are 2 books I recommend reading.

    Firstly Mind Over Medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin. This is an outstanding resource, to complement your journey alongside using positive affirmations for health.

    Here is what Dr Rankin had to say in relation to her deep dive into the mind-body connection and it's impact on physical health…

    “Mind-body medicine pioneers and leaders in the New Age movement have been spouting off about how the mind can heal the body for decades. As a skeptical, science-minded physician, I was intrigued, but I had my doubts. What ensued was a deep dive into the medical literature to find out if I could prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the mind can heal the body. Seeking to move the notion of self-healing from the realm of the magical or even metaphysical, I also searched for evidence of a clear physiological mechanism that explains how positive thoughts and emotions might translate into cure for the body. What I discovered blew my mind, shifted my paradigm about modern health care…” – Dr Lissa Rankin (excerpt from www.lissarankin.com)

    Plus if you're interested in HOW retraining your beliefs and thoughts directly impacts the behavior of your genes and cells, which results in health outcomes, I also highly recommend Dr Bruce Lipton's book “The Biology of Belief”.

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