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    This picture has been trending and a lot of people seems to have varying opinions about her actions. She is the wife of the speaker of the Akwa Ibom state house of Assembly and bagged a Doctorate degree and on her convocation day , she knelt down to thank her husband for her support.

    A lot of ndi mmadu thinks it is not proper and I don't even know the opposing angles but let me say this. If you know how hard it is to find a man who lets you achieve your dreams , you would appreciate what this man did for his wife. Most Nigerian Men cannot even let you run a business In front of your house or even inside your house. Some won't even let you get common B.sc and you see a man who let his wife get a PH.D and you are yarning opata. .

    Two men who have wanted to marry me had problems with the fact I have a double degree and not chilling till I get a ph.d. One told me that for a woman I was getting too educated that I should remember that a woman's education ends in the kitchen. One of my greatest fear towards marriage is that my village witches might use the man and interfere with what the lord is doing in my life.

    A man who supports your dream deserves the world. Kneeling down is small I will scatter his brain with good sex on top of good food . Did nobody even notice the man still raising her up ? Another man will leave her kneeling there sef. Some of the women who have opinion about this kneel down to give blow Job and the men who are wanking about it. Sharrap and do the same for your woman, so she will do the same.

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