• Gladys Aigbogun ▶ CHRISTIAN WOMEN MIRROR (CWM)

    Do not allow the sin you committed to discourage you from your desire to follow God. No matter how bad your sins might be, Christ had already suffered for all your sins. He gave His precious life for your sins on the calvary cross. You can not pay that debt but Chris paid for your sins. Instead of you to continue in sin, thinking that God will not forgive you, begin to return to Him with all your heart. It does not matter how long you have been living in sin. It does not matter how bad your sin might be. It does not matter how many times you had backslided or no matter your weakness, if you truly repent, forsake your sins and turn to God for forgiveness, God will surely forgive you and your sins will be taken away by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. After that, the joy of the Lord will be your potion, the angels in heaven will rejoice and celebrate your return to God.

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