• He . . . sold all the things he had and bought it.​— Matt. 13:46 .

    To show how precious the truth of God’s Kingdom is to those who find it, Jesus told about a traveling merchant who was searching for fine pearls. He found one of such high value that he “promptly sold” everything he had to buy it. ( Matt. 13:45, 46 ) Similarly, the truth we found​—the truth of God’s Kingdom and all the other precious truths we learned from God’s Word—​is of such high value to us that we willingly and promptly made the sacrifices needed to obtain it. As long as we value the truth, we will “never sell it.” (Prov. 23:23 ) Sadly, though, some of God’s people have lost sight of the value of the truth they obtained​—and have even sold it. May that never happen to us! To show that we deeply treasure the truth and that we would never sell it, we must heed the Bible’s admonition to “go on walking in the truth.” (3 John 2-4 ) To walk in the truth involves living it​—giving it priority in our lives and conducting ourselves in harmony with it. w18.11 9

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