JOHN 8:31

    Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed in Him, “If you continue in my word, then are you my disciple indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth SHALL MAKE YOU FREE”

    Notice, Jesus never said that, the truth shall set you free! He said the truth shall MAKE YOU FREE, which means that it is an ongoing process.

    Freedom doesn’t come overnight; it comes gradually as one continues to feed on the truth which is the word of God.

    Jesus said to the Jews who believed in Him that, If you CONTINUE in my WORD, only then are you my disciples indeed.

    He never said that if you talk my word, then are you my disciples indeed. Talking the word is good and so powerful but it must be rooted in the continuity of feeding upon the truth.

    Over the few years which I have been privileged to serve the LORD, I have discovered that, all the enemy (the devil) does; is to prevent believers from the continuity in the truth, so that they will not live the victorious life which Jesus died on the cross at Calvary to give to them.

    Why does the enemy do this? Because He knows that, in the CONTUINITY OF FEEDING ON THE TRUTH brings about knowledge and knowledge MAKES MEN FREE!!!

    A certain great man of God puts it this way: “There is no any MOUNTAIN anywhere; a man’s ignorance becomes his own mountain”

    Let’s embrace the continuity of feeding on the truth; it’s the key to total freedom. Matt. 4:4.


    Father, thank you so much for your precious word, I embrace it today and beyond. Amen.

    Grace and Many Blessings


    Praying the Tabernacle Prayer

    Pray the following pages out loud to learn how to worship God in the Tabernacle.  (Tabernacle Prayer)

    Father I desire to pray today, so I come to your mountain right NOW -- seeking you. I cry out for your anointing today in Jesus name!

    Anoint me, Lord! Only through more anointing can I carry out my work according to your will for me and only by your anointing can I fulfil your plan for my life

    It was you who commanded Moses to build the tabernacle in the wilderness.

    Lord, you dwelt there and met your people there. The Israelites only worshipped you in that tabernacle.

    The Tabernacle illustrates your pattern of worship. It holds the sequence to draw close to you oh Lord!

    I desire that intimacy today in the name of Jesus.

    I thank you for the tabernacle model through Moses, in Jesus, and in Heaven.

     I thank you for the Courtyard – where the Brazen Altar and the Laver is.

    I thank you for the Holy Place – where the Candlesticks are, as well as the Table of Showbread and the Altar of Incense .

    I thank you for the Holy of Holies – where the Arc of the Covenant and Your Mercy Seat reside.

    Today – according to Your Word – I am a priest in your temple, my body.

    My spirit is as the Holy of Holies . My mind is as the Holy Place . My physical body is as the Courtyard .

    Lord Jesus! Work through my spirit, through my mind, through my body. I directly worship you, Lord, through the temple of my body, my mind and my spirit. I am a priest unto the Lord. Jesus, you are the High Priest of Heaven.

     Teach me my priestly duties today. Teach me according to your ordained pattern of approaching God.

    Prayer Station 1


    In my imagination I come to the temple of the Holy Ghost. I see the Tabernacle Courtyard in my mind. I see the Brazen Altar.

    I remember the different offerings presented at the Brazen Altar: sin, trespass, burnt, thanks, reconciliation. These foretold of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

    I recognise the tremendous cost of sin.

    I believe the Cross of Jesus Christ replaces the Brazen Altar for me today. The blood of Jesus Christ replaces the blood of animals for me – one sacrifice for all time through Jesus Christ.

    My sin is forgiven – I am declared righteous through the Cross. No guilt and shame for me today; I have a clean heart. I will enjoy the Glory of God today in Jesus Name.

    The Shekinah Glory is in me. Lord, through your shed blood you conquered the world and the devil. Give me sanctification and the fullness of the Holy Spirit through the blood of Jesus.

    Any hold that the world or the devil has on me is cancelled and broken right now in Jesus’ name! Because of the blood of Jesus Christ, I am free!

    You hung on the cross and took AWAY my infirmities – I am healed from the crown of my head to soles of my feet.

    Sickness is illegal in my body. I am healed today! By the stripes of Jesus Christ I am healed! Through the Cross – through your blood – I am redeemed from the curse of law.

    You hung on the tree so that the blessing of Abraham would be mine. I am blessed!

    I am no longer under the curse of the law. I am under the blessing of Christ today – in my home, work, ministry and family.

    There is no poverty – no curse for me. You became poor so that I can be rich in Jesus Christ.

    In Christ I am redeemed completely from any negative thinking. No cloudy thinking for me today – only clarity on my freedom from the curse and freedom from poverty in Jesus Name.

    This is a major blessing of the blood of Christ. I am redeemed from death and hell.

     Through His death on the cross, resurrection and ascension, am spiritually with Jesus according to Scripture.

     I see His redeeming grace flows to me now. Thank you, Lord Jesus, that my mind is renewed in you when I pray this way, claiming these truths, worshipping you.

     Thank you for renewing me from a mind that was clogged with lies and negative thoughts

    I have nothing to do with the filthy things of the world. I reject the lie. I cut off every tie with the dark side in Jesus’ name.

    Tabernacle Prayer 3

    No more self-failing prophecy, but God-fulfilling prophecy for me

    Lord, Clarify my vision as a son of God, a member of your family of priests.

    Make me aware of my new identity by the revelation of your word – a new person in you, a new creation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    I have no more identity crisis.

    I have a clear identity in Jesus Christ! ) I will not sign for the devil’s packages today. ) My mind is no longer victimized by the devil’s lies. )

    I am a NEW CREATURE, a NEW CREATION. I AM HOLY, I am SANCTIFIED, I am BLESSED; the GLORY OF GOD IS MINE! Every day that I renew my mind, I confirm and affirm my new identity.

    I worship Jesus and His sacrifice for me. By the Blood of Jesus I have been:

    • Adopted into your family as a son or daughter of God.

    • Ordained as a priest in your royal priesthood. The Blood of Jesus has delivered me:

    • From sin to RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    • From the world and the devil to the HOLY SPIRIT & the THRONE OF GOD.

    • From sickness to HEALING & HEALTH.

     • From poverty and the cursed mindset to GOD’S BLESSINGS – ABRAHAMIC BLESSING. I experience GOD’S GLORY every day.

    I discard my cloudy identity of the past and receive a CLEAR IDENTITY in Jesus Christ today!

    All this happens through the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ. I worship Jesus at the Brazen Altar in the Courtyard of the Tabernacle.

    Prayer Station 2


    Lord, I Invite You, Expose Sin in Me Here, I clean my conscience every day like taking a bath or shower. The priests washed their hands, feet and face at the Laver.

    It is a transparent glass. Before I go into the Holy Place, I look at myself in the Laver –what is wrong in my heart.

    I Repent for any impure motive, sanctify me Lord by blood of Jesus, forgive me for my unbelief, forgive me for my negative thinking.

    Father, in the Name of Jesus, I come boldly to your throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in this time of need.

    I admit I have felt shame and emotional hurt. I confess my transgression to you [continually unfolding the past till all is told].

    You are faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness.

    You are my hiding place and You, Lord, preserve me from trouble.

    You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance.

    I have chosen life and according to Your Word You saw me while I was being formed in Mother's womb and on the authority of Your Word I was wonderfully made.

    Now, I am your handiwork, recreated in Christ Jesus.

    Father, you have delivered me from the spirit of fear and I shall not be ashamed.

    Neither shall I be confounded and depressed.

    You gave me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that I might be a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that you might be glorified.

    I speak out in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, offering praise with my voice and making melody with all my heart to the Lord.

    Just as David did in 1 Samuel 30:6, I encourage myself in the Lord.

    I believe in God Who raised Jesus from the dead, who was betrayed and put to death because of my misdeeds and was raised to secure my acquittal, absolving me from all guilt before God.

    Father, you anointed Jesus and sent Him to bind up and heal my broken heart, and liberate me from the shame of my youth and the imperfections of my caretakers.

    In the Name of Jesus, I choose to forgive all those who have wronged me in any way.

    You will not leave me without support as I complete the forgiveness process.

    I take comfort and I am encouraged and confidently say,

    "The Lord is my Helper; I will not be seized with alarm. What can man do to me?"

    My spirit is the candle of the Lord searching all the innermost parts of my being and the Holy Spirit leads me into all truth.

    When reality exposes shame and emotional pain, I remember that the sufferings of this present time are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to me and in me and for me and conferred on me!

    The chastisement needful to obtain my peace and well being was upon Jesus, and with the stripes that wounded Him I was healed and made whole.

    As Your child, Father, I have a joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.

    This hope will never disappoint, delude or shame me; for God's love has been poured out in my heart through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to me. In His Name I pray, amen.

    You are a good God – an abundant God. You have a desire to bless me more than I do!

    I release my time, I release my money so you can make an open space in my life today.

    I want to receive your abundance and blessing today in Jesus Name!

    Your will be done in my life oh Lord.

    Make an open space in my life. All this happen through the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ.

    I worship Jesus at the Laver in the Courtyard of the Tabernacle.

    Prayer Station 3

    THE HOLY PLACE Candlesticks

    I open the curtain and walk into the Holy Place. There I see the candlesticks, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, the sevenfold Spirit of God: wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, the fear of the Lord, holiness.

     Holy Spirit, I welcome a deeper and a more intimate relationship with you today. Dear Holy Spirit, through your anointing, give me your wisdom.

    Help me to solve all the problems I face through your wisdom today. Give me your understanding so that I may understand the deep things of God, and that I may live according your word and pass your word on to my children.

    Give me counsel so that I can follow your narrow way in the precious name of Jesus.

    If it pleases you, allow me to give advice to others how to solve their problems too.

    Give me tremendous might so that I may be used by you to heal the sick and cast out devils in Jesus Precious name

    You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Holy Spirit, increase my knowledge of the word of God.

    Give me the fear of the Lord so that I can walk very softly before you and not commit any sin.

    Impart your holiness in my life today through your presence, O Lord! Holy Spirit you are a person, not a thing.

    The Father worked in the forefront during the Old Testament and Jesus worked in the New Testament; I live in the Age of the Holy Spirit.

    I don’t want to catch quail with my bare hands. I want your wind to blow the quail into my camp.

    I want to depend on you, Holy Spirit, not my own strength.

    You are not a magician Holy Spirit. You are a Holy Person with a will, and emotions. Forgive me for treating you as a thing.

    You should be welcomed, loved, cared, adored, and worshipped in my life in Jesus name.

    You are my senior partner, you are my Lord. I depend upon you. Let’s go, Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for your anointing. Let’s work together. I will follow you today in Jesus name.

    Prayer Station 4


    The Show bread is the symbol of the Word of God. Thank you for your logos word and your Rhema word.

    Thank you for the written word and the inspired Word of God. All the 7,000+ promises of God are written in the scriptures.

    The logos written word is potentially mine, but Rhema word is practically mine today.

    Give me Rhema word today!!

    Rhema is inspired word made alive in my heart today for a specific application. Give me Lord, your specific word – your Rhema Word – for my life today.

     Give me this day my daily bread. Peter never walked on water by reading about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

    He requested Jesus to command him to walk on water. “And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is you, command me to come to You on water.” And Jesus, you did that one time.

    A specific Rhema word came directly from the Lord to Peter for a specific situation. He heard, faith came to peter and just to Peter, by hearing – hearing the Rhema Word from the Lord Jesus to his specific request.

    The other disciples did not respond; because the Rhema word was not for them.

    Jesus you did not call them to walk on water. You only called Peter to walk on water

     They didn’t have the faith or the desire to do that which Peter did at that moment.

    Even Peter’s faith wavered as he saw himself miraculously walking on water. (Mat 14:28)

    As his faith in that Rhema Word wavered, he became as a wave driven and tossed by the sea – double minded, lacking faith – and he sank.

    As he cried out, Jesus, you saved him and brought him into the boat.




    Peter did not step out of the boat by the written word but by the specific spoken word of the Lord which he heard from you LORD.

    Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Rehma Word of God. So I must wait on you, Lord, today – if I want to get your inspired Word.

    Head Knowledge can become a kind of false faith. I want the God kind of faith from you today, Lord!

    Operating on knowledge only without a Rhema word from you can be disobeying you. I want to obey you in all things today.

    Naming and claiming can be a dangerous business. Waiting on you, Lord, for Rehma is the way of the mature disciple.

    Jesus, you spoke of this truth when you said: Man does not live by bread alone but by each and every word that proceeth out of the MOUTH of God. (Mat 4:4) thus I can live by your Rhema word today in Jesus name.

    prayer Station 5


    Father, you are omnipotent. You can do anything and I believe you today.

    Impart in me the God of faith in Jesus Christ. I CHOOSE by exercising my free will today. I choose to believe YOU! I reject fear and doubt. I will never choose either of them. I trust you in Jesus mighty name.

    I trust your Word. I trust you, Holy Spirit. You are always with me, you will never leave me nor forsake me.

    John 14:20 says you are in me! You live in me, you work in me, you speak through me, you walk through me.

    That’s where you live. Make yourself real to me today! (Here at the Altar of Incense we often stand for several minutes and simply praise God by singing in the Spirit or praying as the Lord would lead you) John 14:20

    Prayer Station 6


     I enter by faith and confidence into the Holy of Holies. I see the blood of Jesus Christ sprinkled on the Mercy seat. It is finished.

    All my debts have been paid off – paid in full. I am a free man, free from bondage of sin of any kind.

    By the Blood of JESUS CHRIST the son of the living I have the impartation of the righteousness of Jesus Christ!

    I am God’s righteousness in Christ. I come into the presence of God without feeling any condemnation because of what Christ has already accomplished for me ON THE CROSS AT CALVARY.

    The blood of Jesus is the answer – it is the final solution for me. I praise you, Father, for the wonderful, incredible blessing of righteousness imparted into my life, your servant, in your Son, Jesus Christ.

     Thank you, Lord, that the devil is my defeated enemy by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I will not bow to the fear of the roaring lion. He is bluffing and he is defeated.

    The Commandments in the Ark, Christ’s blood NULLIFIES the power of the law that would make me work for righteousness today IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

    The law is my mirror now, not my master. It helps me to clean my face, my conscience. The law does not condemn me.

    Christ is my Lord. His blood is final, THE finished the work that redeems me FROM THE POWER OF DARKNESS.

    The law shows me how to please God and helps me understand when I have grieved and disobeyed God – but it doesn’t condemn me ANY LONGER IN THE NAME JESUS.

    The blood has changed that forever for me as a New Testament Christian. No human works or achievements are required for my salvation.

    Only to believe – only faith in the finished work of JESUS CHRIST ON the Cross AT CALVARY

    Thank you, Father, that the blood is my deliverance from sin. The blood is my impartation of Christ’s righteousness.

    The blood brings my freedom from THE fear of Satan. The blood is my freedom from the law of the Old Testament. The blood is my freedom from human works to achieve right standing with you, O Lord!

    Eph 2:8-10

    For it is by grace I have been saved, through faith—and this is not from myself, it is the gift of God—  not by works, so that no one can boast.

    For I AM God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for ME to do

    Prayer station 10

    For I AM God's own workmanship, recreated in Christ Jesus that I may do those good works which God planned beforehand for ME, that I should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for ME to live]

     IN the Holy of Holies, I pray my own personal requests through. I pray for those closest to me now I am truly ready to have my prayers answered and my petitions heard.

    I bring them humbly before the Lord with faith and confidence that he hears me and will answer my prayers.

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