YOU ARE UNIQUE By Dr. Joseph Matiko


    PSALM 139:14

    " I will praise you oh Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made"

    As believers we are not to compare ourselves with anyone because every single one of us is unique.

    There are things you are anointed to do which no one else on the face of the earth can do the way you do them.

    You are one of your kind, Wonderfully made and designed by God almighty to function in certain areas which no one else can.

    This is why it's very important to manifest your uniqueness on the face of the earth by His special grace upon your life.

    We are not called to be like Elijah or Elisha or John the Baptist. Jesus said that the least in the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist! Matt. 11:11.

    So there are great Men and women in the body of Christ today and one of them is you!

    We are only permitted to Be like Jesus Christ because He is God!

    When we come to the place of being us, naturally operating in our uniqueness, we are empowered supernaturally to manifest our son-ship on the face of the earth.


    Father I refuse to be someone else. I thank you because I am unique and designed for great accomplishment by your help. Amen.

    Grace and Many Blessings!

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