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    Providing security intelligence services to a new generation of state-owned and controlled counter-intelligence personnel

    Our Mission

    Eagle Intelligence Services supports law enforcement and provide high quality training to prepare Security and Intelligence practitioners for a professional career in Global counter Intelligence Measures.

    Our Aim

    Developing Security and Intelligence Practitioners’ knowledge, understanding & Confidence on new thinking in Preparedness, planning, and management for Security Strategies.

    Provide practical skills in the entire process, driving excellence, grow asset groups and support custodians, thereby preparing and producing high-caliber Security and Intelligence Practitioners.

    Enhancing the performance of practitioners, (sharing expertise, efficient planning) and providing applied grounding to security and intelligence Practitioners’ skills in Leadership.

    Empowering Security and Intelligence Practitioners’ to conduct and present original research on various Security and Intelligence topics of interest to Society.

    Our Core Business

    Eagle Intelligence Services’ core business as Consultants, Evaluators and Developers of Human Asset and Management.

    We boasts a strong and highly skilled network of experienced associates and suppliers, technical, practical team with experienced individuals contributing years of international security expertise and acumen.

    Eagle Intelligence Services also maintains extremely strong international presence and links that can manage a wide variety of corporate transactions and these services are made available to our clients, partners and strategic alliance network.

    Eagle Intelligence Services respects the professionalism and high level privacy demanded by its clients and therefore maintains a strong policy of ethical practice in all it projects. Most importantly, Eagle Intelligence Services also recognizes the confidentiality that our clients demand.

    Brief History

    Eagle Intelligence Services a Company legitimately incorporated in accordance with the prevailing Laws of Nigeria and having its principal business in Abuja, was initially started in 2017, with a staff

    of 26 personnel.

    Eagle Intelligence Services had developed and established an excellent international reputation, MOUs and close consultative relations out of the many relationships it formed with a number

    of clients, including national governments, state security services divisions and arms, and International security agencies.

    Eagle Intelligence Services recognized the changing landscape of

    the business environment in the Security and Intelligence industry.

    This helped it realized the opportunities that change brings to any innovative company with a focus on the development of clients and market, and with the correct support network.

    The network of contacts and connections of Eagle Intelligence Services enabled it to grow and in 2017, saw there was the need to change its corporate stance, position field of operation and name to Eagle Intelligence Services in Nigeria.

    Thus enable us to give the best to our clients and customers all over the world the un-rival value adding and remedial steps in the area of security and Intelligence services and global intelligence.

    This recognition and quasi partnership with National governments, is a clear demonstration of the value and position of Eagle Intelligence Services within the Security and Intelligence sphereange the size of image in block parameters.

    Utilization of Technology in Tackling Security and Intelligence Challenges

    Shaping future connectivity, devices and platforms, utilizing radio wave technologies, high tech satellite systems for surveillance/monitoring in tackling security challenges are areas in which we have expertise.

    Understanding Modern Security Threats and upgrading Human Intelligence to Confront Modern Security are similarly covered including soft approach aspects as Community Policing and Environment Management

    Building and Driving Excellence

    The engagement of Eagle Intelligence Services also ensures Security and Intelligence Quality Culture, Models, Measures and Processes, Tools and Stages in Security Monitoring – at the Pre-Incident, Incident and Crisis Stages, Post-Incidence and Stabilisation Stages, are all firmly embedded and understood

    Our Expertise

    National and International Security Landscape

    The engagement of Eagle Intelligence Services ensures practioners are fully able to describe the Sections and Departments, Agencies and Units, as well as Directorates and Ministries under which appropriate Security and Intelligence are provided.

    We also ensure personnel have a good understanding of what this mean for service delivery, as well as utilizing this knowledge and understanding as practitioners to be able to plan for better preparedness. Enhance and able to better manage security threats as well as challenges in promoting security and intelligence.

    Here also, we ensure Profile and Categories of threat Persons can be easily identified, thus knowing, describing and being able to identify a profile of a potential threat person. This culminates with the full know-how, understanding and being familiar with a myriad of ways in tackling Security and Intelligence challenges.

    Reasons to Approach Us

    We maintain a strong highly confidential client-base, contacts, connection, suppliers and networks.

    Eagle Intelligence Services maintains a strong highly confidential client-base, contacts, connection, suppliers and networks. Eagle Intelligence Services also maintains a professional approach to business and is transparent in all its contractual arrangements.

    This makes dealing with us easy as Eagle Intelligence Services is upfront with what is required in responding to and closing “situations” and the company has no hidden practices. Customer satisfaction is focal, no matter the location of the customer.

    Our wide network facilitates the development of an extensive list of clients and contacts, which other non-governmental businesses and organizations can tap into. Working in a large international arena also equips Eagle Intelligence Services with the skills to negotiate large cross border transactions.

    Professional Management Development Certification & Training

    Short Professional Development Programmes in Law Enforcement & Civic Society

    PMDP in Modern Security Threat & Human Intelligence Development

    PMDP in Health & Safety Strategies

    PMDP in Community Policing & Environmental Management

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    PMDP in Specialized Safety and Security

    PMDP in Professional Chaplain Development

    PMDP in Innovative Practices of Smart Security Services

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    Eagle Intelligence Services

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