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    Angel Encounter - Greg Stapleton's Story

    I grew up in Auckland. My Grandfather helped me know God. When I was 18 I gave my life to God, but slowly lost my commitment to the Lord.

    I became a barber and met Leisa in Te Awamutu. We married and moved to Australia in 2000. We had five children together but without God in our relationship it ended. Leisa and four of the children moved back to NZ and I ended up living in Sydney with one of the children. I had a great lifestyle and was pulling in about $3,500 a week. On the outside it looked good but I was empty on the inside and unhappy. My mates couldn’t work out why I was unhappy when I had all the world’s goods.

    In my loneliness I decided to find a church to attend. My intention was to slip in and then slip out quickly at the end of the service. I did that for six weeks. At the seventh week after church a woman asked me to tell her my life story. I replied that I would rather not say, but she pressed me to share, so I did – how I was divorced and unhappy. She said, “That’s unusual. It sounds like my story.” She proceeded to tell me a similar kind of story and how she also started attending that church. She had a dream in which she was getting remarried to her ex-husband. This was five years after they had separated. Her dream repeated for the next four nights. Finally, she realised that God wanted her to reconcile and remarry her ex-husband. That happened for her.

    I wanted to run because I thought she was going to challenge me. Sure enough she did, saying “I believe this is a message for you!”. In my mind I was saying “I am never coming back to this church”, and I left. No more church for me.

    Two months later, out of the blue, my ex-wife Leisa phoned me, asking, “Has God told you yet". She hadn’t said that to me before. “What do you mean?” I asked. Leisa then told me how she started attending a church service in NZ, and after a few weeks God told her that we would get married again, that I was in a prison and that God wanted her to forgive me.

    She told me how she had broken up with her partner; it was all over. The bombshell was when she asked if I was happy. I said no. Did I miss the kids? Yes! Leisa then asked me to return to NZ to see how it would go. A profound feeling of peace came over me and I said “That sounds like a really good idea.” Soon after that call I paid all my bills, got released from my position at work and booked my air tickets to NZ. Supernaturally everything fell into place except for one thing, I didn’t have any spare cash for a final coffee. I told Leisa, who said: “don’t worry about it”.

    I returned for the last time to the barber’s shop. A big very tall man entered with an amazing pinstripe suit and handsome golden hair. He asked for a cut. As I trimmed his hair I felt a pure and holy presence from him. He was called Edward. Straight away we started talking about God. He answered every question I had, somehow without moving his lips. I stood back and said, “Are you an angel?” He nodded and I freaked out. I asked my fellow workers if they had seen him and they said no. Anyway he paid for his haircut and left. I then went to the back of the shop to count my coins, hoping there was enough left over for a coffee. To my astonishment there was A$250 in my wallet that wasn’t there before. I knew then that God really wanted Leisa and I to reconcile and remarry.

    In 2011 I returned to NZ and my family. Leisa and I reconciled and remarried in late 2011. It was amazing. We decided to go to a Marriage Enrichment class in a Hamilton church where we got to know a couple who were missionaries from Zimbabwe. The husband was a Kiwi and his wife African. They explained how in the poverty stricken nation of Zimbabwe God provided for their needs in wonderful ways. On one occasion there they were gathered one cool evening around an outside open fire. Suddenly a man ran from the back of the crowd, leaped over people and the fire and quickly ran into the bush. The missionary’s wife said to the local Pastor, “Did you see that man?” “What man?” he replied. She said, “The man who jumped over the flames.” “Öh” the Pastor said, “That’s Edu, the angel of provision. That means you are going to be blessed for the rest of your mission.” He then said that Edu means Edward in English. Wow! After hearing that testimony I knew I had really had an angel visitation myself in Sydney.

    My story doesn’t end there. We moved to Te Awamutu in 2013 where I rented a chair in three barber shops. I really wanted to have my own shop in the main street but did not see how it could happen. I began praying about this and my faith in God increased. I needed to take a step of faith. Leisa found a small vacant shop in the centre of town, perfect for a barber’s shop, but it would cost $30,000 to fit it out well. I had only $6,000. I haven’t enough space to tell you the details of the miracles of provision. Leisa’s mum gave us $10,000, one glass company gave me $20,000 of large mirrors and eleven tradesmen did work for free or minimal costs. Our FADE SHADE BLADE shop was established to the glory of God.

    Was all this a coincidence? No. It all happened because the Heavenly Father honours those who honour and obey Him and His son Jesus Christ. You too can receive eternal and present blessings if you will also put your trust in the Lord. God is faithful and He is good. I have proven it. Once I was divorced and lonely, now we are remarried and abundantly blessed in every way.

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