• Greater works done
  •  Whoever exercises faith in me . . . will do works greater than these.​— John 14:12 .

    Jesus did not mean that we would perform miracles as he did. Rather, his followers would preach and teach in a larger territory, to more people, and for a longer period of time than he did. If you have a secular job, ask yourself these questions: ‘Am I known at my workplace as a hard worker? Do I complete my work on time and to the best of my ability?’ If you can answer yes, then you will likely earn your employer’s trust. You will also make the Kingdom message more appealing to those who are observing you. When it comes to the preaching and teaching work, ask yourself these questions: ‘Am I known as a hard worker in the ministry? Do I prepare well for initial calls? Do I return promptly to talk with interested people? And do I have a regular share in various aspects of the ministry?’ If you can answer yes, you will find joy in your work. w19.12 5 ¶14-15

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