• Lost, Broken, Void

    God I feel so lost and empty without you. I do not even know the last time I wrote in my journal or the last time I prayed and spent time with you.

    I look back and understand I have drifted away from you and you are my rock. I do not have the feeling of stability but that things are out of control and I cannot handle them (finances,work,marriage,parenting). God I want you back in my life. I want my ROCK back so I can feel strong and stable again. I reflect back on times when I had less but I felt stronger. In Corinthians you say when we are weak we are strong because God is our strength and that is so true. I took for granted your strength and I tried to walk out on my own. Please forgive me and let me come back to you.

    You forgive all sins and I know you fill forgive me. Help me forgive myself and help me walk closer to you each day.

    God help me to keep in mind that I should do everything for you and not for men. When I take my eyes off of you I try to please man and not you.

    God you didn't save me when I was five from drowning in the boat accident for nothing. You didn't save me to live this kind of life. You saved me to live an extraordinary life. I have always felt you have something really big in store for me and I want to follow you to experience it!

    God I am back. Thank you for loving me.


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