• Theo Epstein Making Move For MLB Commissioner? | Nothing Personal With David Samson

    Theo Epstein making move for MLB commissioner? | Nothing Personal with David Samson - CBSSports.Com

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    Today's word of the day is 'fox' as in sly as a fox as in someone who is exceptionally clever or cunning or our pal Theo Epstein. Why was he in the news? He's joining MLB's Commissioner's Office with a new job. Does this mean Theo is in line to be the new commissioner of baseball? Maybe, but let's explain what this new role will actually be. (11:50) Urban Meyer is the new head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yay! Tank for Trevor and Urban was a success! Owner Shad Khan had hilarious things to say about his own hiring. (24:45) Review - The LadyKillers. (26:40) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Tillman Fertitta and his reported refusal to trade James Harden to Philly because of Daryl Morey. Whoa. (36:20) NPPOD. - Some more football picks to wet your beaks. (40:00) When will MLB free agency start to open up? Are the Yankees close with DJ? Mets making moves for Brad Hand? #waittosee

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