• Thursday, January 28

    I am the least of the apostles, and I am not worthy of being called an apostle.​—

    1 Cor. 15:9 .

    The 12 apostles followed Jesus during his earthly ministry, but the apostle Paul did not become a Christian until after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Although he was eventually appointed to be “an apostle to the nations,” Paul did not qualify for the special privilege of becoming one of the 12 apostles. ( Rom. 11:13; Acts 1:21-26 ) Rather than envying those 12 men and the close association they had enjoyed with Jesus, Paul remained content with what he had. If we are content and humble, we will be like Paul and show respect for the authority that Jehovah has given to others. ( Acts 21:20-26 ) He has arranged for appointed men to take the lead in the Christian congregation. Despite their imperfections, Jehovah considers them “gifts in men.” (Eph. 4:8, 11 ) When we respect these appointed men and humbly follow their direction, we stay close to Jehovah and enjoy peace with our fellow Christians. w20.02 17 ¶13-14

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