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    If you are looking for Norway scholarship programs, you are probably emotionally ready to study in a cold country with a lot of snow and one of the best higher academic educations in the world! Studying at Norwegian universities can give you the experience of living in one of the most developed countries in the world and an opportunity of staying there for a long time. Check out Norway scholarship programs here.

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    A scholarship is something that may help a student a lot. Studying in a foreign country, in a foreign part of the world is very hard and may be very expensive. That is why scholarships are so sought for by many students in Norway.

    Norway scholarship for international students

    Norwegian scholarships are known for their availability to international students. It’s a great feature of Norwegian education that some of their universities are free for people from abroad who come to their country to study. Here’s a short list of popular Norwegian scholarships.

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    Nord University Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular Ecology

    It is a programme that stretches over two years and is available to postdoctoral students who are ready to dedicate their time and efforts to the studying of the population genomics in the Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean.

    If you are interested in this programme, you can visit its own webpage for more information. Proficiency in English is one of the main criteria.

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    PhD Fellowships at Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

    This programme is aimed at helping three PhD students in their research projects. The framework of the programme includes human rights, fighting poverty, social development, and other vital issues of modern society. It is the goal of the Research Council of Norway, which funds the programme. Of course, this program is open for international candidates as well as for domestic ones.

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    Since there are only three available scholarships of this type, requirements are quite tough. You need to be a pursuing PhD to apply and know English at the highest possible level. If you do know other languages and can speak them freely, this is a huge advantage for you. Good communication skill, creativity, and practical experience in social sciences are highly useful.

    If you are interested in details, please turn to the webpage of this program. You will find all the information you need and contact details.

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    ConceptLab Visiting Fellowships at the University of Oslo

    This scholarship is open to all PhD students who are interested in engineering and would like to participate in a collaborative project. This scholarship covers visits to a laboratory of concept engineering where the participants can criticize or suggest improvements to the existing concepts. The concepts are taken from all existing areas of philosophy, and thus it becomes interesting to everybody.

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    This scholarship is also funded by the Research Council of Norway. Even though the scholarship means only visiting the lab, the contribution from the visitors is supposed to improve the quality of performance of ConceptLab, enrich the intellectual atmosphere and, in the end, come up with new inventions.

    The scholarship is available to both domestic and foreign students and in case you are already interested in the program, you are welcome to visit the

    webpage dedicated to this program, and discover all the eligibility criteria.

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    PhD Research Fellowship in Immunology, University of Oslo

    This scholarship is planned for three years of research practice in the field of immunology at the Norwegian Complement Research Group. Doctors of Medicine are heads of this programme and conduct all the research within the frame of this scholarship.

    Since this program is open to foreign students, you will need to show that you are proficient in English. It is the language everybody speaks within the programme. There are other requirements, too, but you need to visit the webpage of the scholarship to check them out and see whether you are eligible with your current academic level and skills.

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    Norway Arctic University Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Linguistics

    This scholarship for postdoctoral students is available to international candidates. You will need to prove that you are skilled and proficient in English when you apply for this scholarship.

    In case you need additional information on this programme, visit this University's webpage. To get all the information you need about application and requirements.

    These are some of the best Norway best scholarship programmes that are offered to international students.


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