• ADMINISTRATION and MANAGEMENT; Reconciling the Differences.
  •  Very often, the word MANAGEMENT is used interchangeably with the word

    ADMINISTRATION. This is because the two words essentially refer to the process of getting things done through the efforts of other people.

    In recent times, however, administration tends to be viewed as the task of developing and maintaining procedures in organisations. It is seen essentially as an aspect of the management process involving the organisation or coordination of the human and material resources of any organisation. Management on the other hand can be seen as the process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the efforts of the organisational resources to achieve stated organisational goals.

    The purpose of this article therefore is to define, explain and reconcile the differences within the concepts of MANAGEMENT and ADMINISTRATION in the following areas;

    Job Function

    Nature of work









    Management is the determinative function of the organisation. Planning and organising functions are involved.

    Administration is the executive arm of the organisation. Motivating and controlling functions are involved.


    Management determines the objectives and major policies of an organisation.

    Administration puts into action the policies and plans laid down by the management.


    Management takes major decisions of an enterprise as a whole.

    Administration takes decisions within the framework set by the management.


    Management: Top level activity.

    Administration: Middle level activity.


    Management is the legislative arm of the organisation that consists of a group of managerial personnel.

    Administration is the executive arm of the organisation that consists of managerial personnel who use their specialised knowledge to achieve the goals of the organisation.


    Management is popularly used in business enterprises.

    Administration is popularly used within the government, military,

    educational and religious organisations.


    Management needs the administrative rather than technical abilities.

    Administrative requires technical abilities.


    Management handles the business aspects such as finance.

    Administration handles the employers.

    Personally, I think the person who gets things done through the efforts of other people is traditionally referred to as a MANAGER in the private sector and as an ADMINISTRATOR in the public sector. That is to say that the word management is most often used in business and industrial circles while an administrator is more popular in the civil and public services.

    Conclusively, MANAGEMENT and ADMINISTRATION unarguably cannot function without each other.

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