• Beat the heat while quarantining at home


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    (NC) The pandemic has put a stop to many of our favourite summer adventures, from vacations to summer camp. But even as we spend more time in and around our homes, we still have to cope with record-breaking heat. Keep cool in the new normal with these tips from Health Canada:

    Enjoy more liquids. Drinking plenty of cool liquids, especially water, before you feel thirsty can reduce your risk of dehydration. If water isn’t your thing, you can try flavouring it with natural fruit juice to make it more appealing or eating more fruits and veggies as these have high water content.

    Keep your home cool. With some or all of the family working and learning from home, take a few extra steps to help keep the space comfortable. Prepare meals that don't need to be cooked in your oven. Block the sun by opening awnings and closing curtains or blinds during the day. If safe, open your windows at night to let cooler air into your home.

    Plan your activities. With many indoor spaces like movie theatres and malls still offering limited access, many of us are loving spending more time outdoors running, biking or having physically distant picnics. To help keep your body from becoming overheated, schedule these outings for cooler parts of the day like early mornings or evenings.

    Modify your activities. Whether you’re outside having fun or inside without air conditioning, go easy on yourself during extreme heat. Try not to expect your usual physical performance in hot weather and take extra water breaks. Move into the shade, drink water and remove gear such as a helmet or equipment to let your body cool off.

    Take plenty of breaks. Stay ahead of heat illness by cooling your body down as needed. You can turn the sprinkler on in the backyard and run around it with the kids, or take cool showers or baths until you feel refreshed.

    Find more information at Canada.ca/health.

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