• “DON’T ENVY ANYONE. YOUR MIRACLE IS COMING!” (MY JOB TESTIMONY) May 4, 2017 Edith Ohaja Nonfiction, Personal Posts

    When I think back on the goodness of God upon my life, I get very excited. I want to share with you one of my testimonies. This one is about my securing employment after school.

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    The year was 1988. It was the month of August. I had just completed my master’s degree programme at the University of Nigeria and was raring to get a job. I came home to stay with my parents and one day, we had a visitor. A family friend had called and she told my mum that her son, whom I’ll call Chike (not his real name) and who was just slightly older than me, had got a teaching job. I can’t recall where he was to teach but it must have been a very good job from the way his mum spoke. It was good news and we all rejoiced in her presence.

    But there was something about the way she shared the news that rankled my mum. She wasn’t thanking God so to say, it sounded like she was boasting.

    “Chike didn’t look for a job the way others do for so long and he landed this wonderful position,” she said or words to that effect.

    The moment she left, my mum joined me in my room and began to complain. My dear mum (rest her soul), was looking out for me and the woman’s seeming gloating made her think of my state. I was about the same age as this guy and I was looking for a job.

    “I just want you to also get a good job soon. What did her son study to get that kind of job and you’re still searching?”

    The young man in question had a Certificate from a College of Education and was on the verge of completing studies for a bachelor’s. See, my mum was not a bad person but we should be thoughtful about how we share our testimonies with others, especially those who still have the problem we’ve just escaped. Otherwise, we may cause them to feel bad, rather than blessed by our story.


    “Don’t worry,” I replied. “I will get a job by February.”

    I had no certain promise of a job for any date but the moment those words came out of my mouth, I knew they were prophetic.

    Early the next year, I was visiting some friends in Lagos when my parents sent a message that I had been offered a job to lecture at the University of Nigeria, my alma mater. I came home and on March 1st, 1989, I resumed work. My letter of appointment was dated February 14.

    This was me back then, lol!

    How did this come about? When I completed my master’s degree work, the then head of our department, Dr. Ralph Okonkwo, informed me that the department would love to retain me but there was no vacancy. Okonkwo, a very nice gentleman, did not assure me of a job but indicated he would make representations to the Vice Chancellor (VC) towards creating vacancies in the department.

    I suggested that I would like to submit an application which would be kept in view to be called up when the desired vacancies were created. He warned me that he could not be sure what the outcome of his plea to the VC would be. But I insisted because communicattions in Nigeria in those days were not as seamless as they are today with mobile telephony. I didn’t want the story to be told that vacancies were created but I couldn’t be reached and handy persons were employed. Okonkwo agreed and kept his word. His efforts were successful, praise God! When my letter was ready, he used my contact address on the application to inform my parents.

    God favoured me and He had prepared me for the miracle in several ways. He helped me to turn out as the best student which led to talks of retaining me. Before then, he had helped me to decide on the career I wanted which was precisely what I eventually got. Besides my department, I only submitted applications to the departments of mass communication in two state universities, preferring the University of Nigeria, which is a federal university. God graciously granted my wish and it’s that job that I’ve been doing to date.

    Our God is still the same: kind, loving and faithful. Do not envy anyone. Your miracle is coming. Just be sure you work hard to be ready and suited for it. And make up your mind what you want. Don’t run from pillar to post, dragging yourself in so many different directions. It’s easier to get an answer from God when your request, borne out of the leading of the Holy Spirit, is specific and constant.



    May the Lord visit you according to your needs and give you the miracles that will bring you fulfilment in life in Jesus’ name.

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