• Hope for your lose
  •  Saturday, February 6

    All of you have unity of mind, fellow feeling, brotherly affection, tender compassion, and humility.​— 1 Pet. 3:8 .

    Jehovah loves us deeply. (John 3:16 ) We want to imitate our loving Father. So we try to show “fellow feeling, brotherly affection, [and] tender compassion” to all but especially to those who are “related to us in the faith.” (Gal. 6:10 ) When members of our spiritual family face stressful challenges, we want to help them. How can we console someone whose marriage mate has died? An important first step is to speak to him or her, even though you may feel awkward or unsure of what to say. Paula, whose husband died suddenly, says: “I understand that death makes people uncomfortable. They worry that what they say might come out wrong. But worse than hearing something awkward is hearing nothing at all.” A grieving person probably does not expect us to say something profound. Paula says: “I appreciated it when friends would simply say, ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’” w19.06 20 ¶1; 23 ¶14

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