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    Watch and learn how Bay Area Contracting uses video to improve the customer experience.

    So we were updating TOOLSTributor Chris Klee’s bio to reflect more of who he actually is—see Klee Talks Kitchens, Part 1 here for some flavor thereof—and I came across his employer’s website, Bay Area Contracting .

    And on that website, the first thing you see is this neat little video that I think packs a little more depth than a fluffy marketing and pretty picture piece, which is part of its mission as well. I think we can all get something out of it, even if it’s just a reminder of what we learned 15 years ago.

    The first thing that jumped out at me was this line: “Step 1. Write down what you’re able to invest in your building project.”

    I like this. Money—even for people who have altitude-sickness-high piles of it—is a finite resource.

    Which is key with building projects. We’ve all been with a demanding client with ridiculous expectations demanding their money goes farther than it will—secret code for “Contractor, I get what I want; you make less.” Setting this standard early—more to the point, having them set it—seems sensible.

    Moreover, I like that the video breaks down the process into list form. Lists are good. So is the video. Good for a social share too.

    Bay Area Contracting : The Building Process

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