• Metropolitan School Of Business And Management Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria | MBA / MSc | 1 - 3 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Information Technology and Services | Education Management
  •  Job Summary

    The main functions of the role are:

    * Ability to Plan, design and deliver the curriculum from Access to Postgraduate level in areas related to Business and Management IT, assessment of students and ensuring students have the opportunity to be engaged and challenged.

    * Carrying out research and scholarly activities in the areas related to Business and Management IT ensuring that research outcomes are relevant and applicable to key areas of teaching and to benefit Institute.

    * Contributing, where appropriate, to the knowledge transfer, income generation and consultancy activities of the Institute.

    * Ability to develop new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and revising existing Programmes in the areas of Business and

    Management IT.

    * Administration, including student recruitment, student support and marketing.

    * The role holder will take academic leadership in curriculum design and independent scholarly activities including attracting and supervising research students.

    Job Responsibilites


    * The role holder is required to receive, understand and convey information which needs careful explanation or interpretation to help

    others understand. This includes complex conceptual ideas or complex information which may be highly detailed, technical or specialist.

    Examples include:

    a. Giving a Lecture or Presentation to a group with diverse levels of understanding on a subject (e.g. formal teaching of

    undergraduates and postgraduates).

    b. Presenting academic papers at workshops (internally or externally) or conferences.

    c. Contributing to research group discussions regarding analysis of research, discussions with team members regarding scientific

    issues and problem solving in experiments.

    d. Writing journal articles and material for publications.

    e. Writing complex reports, letters or other documents dealing with complex, contentious and sensitive situations (e.g. writing a project plan for a committee, writing reports to grant awarding bodies on progress of research projects, preparing written analysis of research data).

    f. Writing research grant applications.

    g. Preparing the content of presentations and slides for teaching and research purposes (e.g. for presentations at conferences).

    * The post holder will also be required to communicate effectively with professional colleagues outwith the Department, other

    Departments/Units, and other relevant external agencies.

    Teamwork and Motivation

    * The post holder will be expected to work co-operatively with academic colleagues as a member of teaching, research and programme teams.

    * The role holder will also be responsible for:

    * Setting tasks and targets for other team members.

    * Allocating work, monitoring effectiveness and providing feedback.

    *Training and supervising members of staff.

    Liaison and Networking

    * Maintain active links with key internal and external stakeholders and relevant funding agencies.

    Service Delivery

    * Create a positive image of the institution by being responsive and prompt in responding to requests and referring the user to the right person if necessary.

    * Development of syllabus and learning materials as appropriate, in accordance with Institute's quality enhancement policy and processes, professional body requirements and with the aim of creating interest and learning amongst students.

    * Contribute to the enrichment of the student experience by ensuring support and guidance is provided to students and that appropriate

    personal tutor and pastoral care process are implemented.

    * Design the appropriate assessment methods and complete marking assignments, ensuring standards are maintained and timescales

    adhered to.

    * Provide constructive feedback as appropriate including advising on areas of improvement.

    * Contribute to the Department’s co-ordination of programmes/modules through, for example, Module Co-ordinator responsibilities and/or to the management and administration of programmes.

    * Engage in research and scholarship activities including publication and

    application for research funding, leading to research outputs for the Research Excellence Framework.

    * Support the Department till it achieves consistency of performance by being an effective team member contributing to appropriate committees as part of the programme and quality assurance and enhancement processes.

    * Carryout administrative duties as required to support the Department’s administrative and quality procedures, ensuring documentation, reports and materials are presented according to established schedules.

    * The role holder will have academic leadership responsibilities in teaching and/or research.

    Decision Making Processes and Outcomes

    * Be party to collaborative decisions as required.

    * Provide advice, input and contributions to the decision making of others.

    Planning and Organising Resources

    * Plan, prioritise and organise own work or resources to achieve agreed objectives.

    * Plan and manage projects, ensuring the effective use of resources.

    * Receive information from and provide information to others to complete their planning.

    * Monitor progress against agreed action plans.

    * Collaborate with colleagues and others in relation to student recruitment and marketing initiatives.

    Initiative and Problem Solving

    * Solve standard day to day problems as they arise.

    Analysis and Research

    * Analyse or research complex ideas, concepts or extensive data from different perspectives, working out how best to apply existing methodologies according to the overall context, objectives and expectations.

    * Generate original ideas to build on existing concepts or generate new concepts and methodologies, in order to develop new avenues of research.

    * Identify research questions and develop new directions for research through continuous development of subject specific expertise, writing grant applications, academic papers and reviewing articles.

    * Demonstrate expertise by success in securing funds and/or publishing from prestigious bodies.

    Team Development:

    * Advise or guide new starters working in the same role or unit on standard information or procedures.

    * Train or guide others on specific tasks, issues or activities.


    Masters in Business Administration or Management or PHD in either of the above mentioned field

    Teaching Qualifications Experience

    * Experience in teaching in Higher Education

    * Experience in research.

    * Experience in curriculum development and QA processes and procedures

    Skills and Knowledge

    * A strong knowledge of the subject area (Business and Management), combined with a broad subject background enabling contributions to teaching modules in Business

    and Management.

    * Able to teach across the curriculum and to deliver specialist options

    * Evidence of ability to teach and to supervise academic work by undergraduates, and master’s students

    * Commitment to pastoral care and the student


    * Excellent interpersonal, oral and written

    communication skills.

    * Proven record of ability to manage time and work to strict deadlines.

    * Fluent in English Language (Reading, Writing and Speaking)

    * Good administrative and networking skills

    * Sound planning and organisational skills, able to (re)prioritise work and plan/schedule workdays ahead.

    * Ability to contribute to the effective work of the team and assist/guide colleagues as required

    * Track record in teaching related subject matter

    Personal Qualities

    * Able to effect change

    * Good team player; evidence of collaboration in current role

    * Commitment to high quality teaching and

    fostering a positive learning environment for


    * Commitment to continuous professional


    * Commitment to academic research

    * Ability to work harmoniously with colleagues and students of all cultures and backgrounds.

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