• Microsoft 365 Business Service And Support

    The roots of Microsoft 365 go back roughly 3 decades. Familiar applications like Word, PowerPoint & Excel have been developed and expanded into a suite of tools. Microsoft 365 combines all business productivity, collaboration & security applications. When fully implemented, it allows for true digital transformation across your business.

    What can Microsoft 365 Business do for my Business?

    Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution that includes Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and Office apps with advanced security options.

    When fully implemented, it is a way of accessing some of the highest efficiency levels that cloud technology can offer. Achieving control of your business and helping to secure your future growth. Get the familiarity and efficiency of Office, with all the power that cloud computing can offer. Microsoft 365 Business is an all-encompassing, business management system that can not only improve the way you work but can scale with you.

    Microsoft Teams

    The business world is shifting away from email to more collaborative communication methods. Teams is right at the forefront of this change.

    Teams is integrated with Office applications, Outlook Calendar and SharePoint. Deployed to its fullest extent, it is way more than an instant messenger.

    Microsoft 365 Business Security

    One of the big fears around cloud computing in general is security. The concept of storing and sharing essential business information on the cloud can be off-putting. We enable your business to access the efficiency, power, and scalability of Microsoft 365 securely.

    We combine Microsoft’s native security tools with additional applications and processes to maintain a secure environment for your business. We are aware of the security risk each individual user represents. As such, we have a set of proven methods to mitigate these risks.

    Our regular auditing process helps to maintain optimal security. If there is an incident, perhaps because of user activity, we are quickly able to identify and neutralise the issue.

    Office 365 Backup

    Microsoft do not backup your 365 data. Data loss through user error or security breach represents a risk to your business. However, when you work with Network Fish, we manage and run regular backups using Veeam Backup- the number 1 backup and recovery tool for Microsoft 365 Business.

    That means you never need to worry about losing sensitive data or having to start a project from scratch.

    Microsoft 365 Business Subscriptions


    Network Fish and Microsoft 365 Business

    The true power of Office 365 can only be achieved when it is fully implemented. The definition of fully will change from organisation to organisation.

    We assess your business and advise on your optimal Microsoft 365 Business environment. This is a collaborative, ongoing process that ensures that you get full efficiency and a suite of business management tools that enable you to maintain and grow. But this is just step 1, there are lots of other reasons to choose Network Fish {Link}.

    At Network Fish, we believe in the power of Microsoft 365. We have seen it transform the way businesses work for the better, significantly increasing revenues and growth. We know how to optimize for individual environments and understand how to mitigate the risks of a poor integration.

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