• Monday, February 1

  • [ Jehovah ] loves . . . justice.​—Ps. 33:5 .

    “Justice,” as used in the Bible, basically means to do what God considers to be right and to do so without partiality. Consider how Jesus’ actions revealed his sense of justice. In his day, the Jewish religious leaders hated non-Jews, despised common Jews, and disrespected women. Jesus, however, was fair and impartial in dealing with all. He accepted non-Jews who approached him in faith. (Matt. 8:5-10, 13 ) He preached without prejudice to all, rich and poor. (Matt. 11:5; Luke 19:2, 9 ) He was never harsh or abusive in his treatment of women. On the contrary, he was respectful and kind to women, including those whom others viewed with scorn. (Luke 7:37-39, 44-50 ) We can imitate Jesus by dealing impartially with others and preaching to all who are willing to listen​—regardless of their social or religious background. Christian men follow his example by treating women with respect. w19.05 2 ¶1; 5 ¶15-17

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