• Mr. And Ms. billionaire
  •  'You're Leira Smith aren't you? That poor nerdy social freak who always hid behind Violet's shadow like a lost puppy. I still regret the fact that I used to hang out with you. So tell me, how did you become Laura Williams?' Alisha tauntingly says.

    The ginger haired girl hides her shock at seeing her ex friend who backstabbed her without batting an eyelash and instead gives out a humorless chuckle.

    'If you compare me to a weak nerdy social freak so called friend of yours then you're dearly mistaken. Cause I'm definitely not that.'

    Not anymore.


    Jared Parker is the CEO of a company who has everything one could ask for. He's often called the next Warren Buffett for his sharp brain and business tactics. Appearing on numerous fashion magazine for his charming looks and fashion sense doesn't help his case either.

    Then when he meets his business partner Laura Williams, why is he confused?

    Laura Williams is the sole heir and future CEO of the 'Williams' Industries'. But it isn't her looks or stiff personality that makes him confused.

    It's just that she looks awfully familliar to that sweet, innocent girl whom he used to crush on and whose life he crushed.


    #1 in hatred #1 in guilty

    Cover credit goes to: @KristineN_Hunter

    arrogant badboy billionaire

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    Mr. And Ms. billionaire

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