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    or "on-boarding" is a

    management term used for the process of handling new employees to obtain the best results from them. It can also refer to the early stages of a new client relationship during which a period of orientation and understanding takes place.

    Proponents of the practice of onboarding have described is as being more than orientation , and emphasize the importance of making the most of the "honeymoon" stage of a hire, a period which has been described as being 90 days [1] or 100 days [2] .

    Rather than delegating the job of training the newcomer to a co-worker (called the "Just follow Joe around" method by one commentator) [3] or having the employee watch a video presentation, or letting the employee learn on his or her own by trial and error, proponents of onboarding advocate assigning the process to a person designated as an "onboarding manager", or a similar title reflecting specific responsibility for new hires. [4]


    Various writers have devised their own system of mnemonics when describing what an onboarding manager should remember and the sequence in which the methods should be carried out. One description refers to a four step process of "acquiring, accommodating, assimilating and accelerating" new hires (and includes a fifth "a", referring to "aligning" other members of the management to the need for revising new hiring procedures to include an onboarding process). [6] . Another refers to a four step "a.i.d.e." process of "acclimation, integration, dialogue and expectation management". [7]


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