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    The Academic Staff of Universities (ASUU) has commenced an indefinite nation wide strike industrial action, which started before Tuesday, August, 2017. They did not think of defaulting students, defaulting economy and defaulting years the student spends in the school graduate out of the school. For telling University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2011, that ‘increasing school fees is defaulting the arrangement and pockets of parents, a student is expelled out of the university’. Today, it is a different story as the student is about to finish his doctorate degree in education, in Bishop Oyedepo, David, Covenant University and

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    declared, that Nigeria’s education and economy is at the hands of private institutions. ASUU spent tears calculating billion owed them, which had turned to trillions of naira and soon to dollars. They have not calculated the cost of lives of youths lost to crime as a result of strike action. This means that those in private higher institutions may spend good time in school and coming out a complete Nigerian. The inauguration of 6 extra universities is a thing of joy. How can a student in a public university, with bad letters, cultism, prostitution, and other behaviors, which can never exist in a Christian university. The private university has seen the effect of student co-habiting and get separate disciplined hostel for every student on campus. A lecturer left a student like me in a university to another state, and a life of lies assumed. He has been promoted to another position in the school. Only a private institutions like, Covenant university, Mountain Top University, Caritas university, and other private universities in Nigeria can with faith and prayer, fasting backed up with actions take away from the students who will be our future leaders, the spirit of bribery and corruption, laziness, bad projects and be able to carry every one along out f recession. What can a student abandoned by his project supervisor do? Nothing…. But in private institutions, it is not so, for students are full of voice, but in public schools the student waits upon a miracle to have a change of project supervisor and humiliated in the process. How can they have a voice, when a vice counselor signs employment letters in the government offices, at the feet of a man whom they claim did not finish secondarily well. Give time to some of the private

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    institutions in Nigeria, they do better than university of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ahmadu Bello University, and Nnamdi Azikiwe Univerisy. With in this strike days, how many students may turn loose and loose their lives to crime? How many may back to bad lives. Unchristian lecturers had turned female’s students to Mary Magdalene in hotel rooms and made male students purchase results. A higher institution is a mini-country of its own, full of intelligent teachers and people. Lagos state university vice counselor was seen signing his employment letter at the house of a, man who has but executive masters degree, but he would be honored with honorary doctorate degree or he will sack the vice counselor. And university of Nigeria Nsukka boasts of nothing with 4.0 as criteria for accepting student to do their doctorate degree in education while the northern may be accepting students with 3.0 aggregate. Which rights will the vice counselor have over his employer, and the sins that he will see in future, his rights had been sold. Recently, a senior advocate of Nigeria was honored with a doctorate degree in a military academy. This has not happened in any other places. It is God’s over taking process to those soon private universities, colleges of education and polytechnic, may soon be

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    privatized. The whole of Nigerian schools, putting the government at the backyard because Nigerian universities and higher institutions will be listed in the Nigerian stock exchange and shares sold to the people. There by, 1. Reducing schools fees of Nigerians. 2. Stop signing professor’s employment letter at every office. 3. Provide Nigerians with merited honorary doctorate degrees. 4. Teach students with the fear of god, produces righteous works, due time with the fear of God produces righteous works. The strike actions will not ceased. The billions from 2009 have turned trillions. The government of Nigerians did not have the money to pay. The whole world are waiting for private institutions to take over the leadership of Nigerian education and government and lead the country out of recession which public school graduates has taken the country into. OKECHUKWU, CHIDOLUO VITUS IS A LIFE COACH AT JLC MEDIA; YOU CAN CONSULT HIM AT JLC MEDIA. HE IS THE PUBLISHER OF CAREERDAY PAPER, CNE BE CONTACTED BY HIS PHONE NUMBER: 08068488422.

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