• From the layman perspectives, a prison is a place where people who had committed crime stay till they have felt sorry for their sins or have been judged guilty and waiting for punishment. The university is such, prison that people get admitted and may never leave in peace. In 2013, a man from the northern part of Nigeria came to collect his certificate after 10 years. He said his project supervisor is always “traveling” and out of school. This post graduate student, who is a father can neither leave school nor continue life with peacefully with his family. The money to which he had to get to have his doctorate degree certificate has to be borrowed. What will happen to student of Nigerian’s future when this man who went on his knees to even beg children to give him money for his certificate would do to our intending students? The answer is clear. It would be pay for your marks so that he can pay for his debt in a land where the topic is recession.

    A prisoner is a student who signed the full time admission letter that he or she is not working and cannot seek for a job. This student cannot represent him or herself as a worker, and yet, there are expectations that this student is expected not to go the lecturer with an empty hands or fail. Lecturers expect this young student to give fat envelops to pass or stay locked up in the university prison. Poor people no longer send their children to the university because they may take a project they may not complete in peace or lands have to be sold.

    This prison story would not have been written if not for the man of God whose son had over stayed in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The son is a post graduate student in the school and he had stayed four years in the school. And he came to know the reason for the delay only to find that his son is now an unmarried husband to an undergraduate female student. His son told him that the school asked him to start “FAMILY DEGREE PROGRAM”, for his project supervisor is always away so he got for himself “AN UNDERGRADUATE SECOND YEAR BLOODTONIC” to live with him AS SCHOOL COUPLE.

    A student claimed that PG studies in University of Ibadan would not take more than two years. Will this university have a human heart like the university mentioned? Ejike Alumona, accepted that lecturers in Nigerian Educational Institutions are now educational policemen and the PG dean, D.P.O. arresting students and detaining them at will.

    The man of God did not rest a day till his sons result was released. His son had stayed for five years, returning with a sinful wife and a child. He saw sin. His wife saw grand children. To him such lecturers “had no fear of God”.

    I wept when I met a father who could neither go home for Christmas and he had no job. His wife is the bread winner. Would the next criminals be a Post Graduate student out of hopelessness? School fees were increased 2012, same, 2013 same 2014 same and 2015 deepening

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