• Why It Is Important To Have A Certification As A Translation Company?

    Legal translation services in Dubai are many. But how to choose the best among them? One of the simplest ways is to go for an online search of ‘legal translation services near me’ and check out the top ones. But even a translation company in Dubai needs to be professionally certified. The reason for this is, a certification automatically gives a seal of approval on the work of a translation service provider. Take Quality Translation Services DMCC, for instance. They are certified legal translation service provider in Dubai that has built up quite a formidable reputation when it comes to delivering flawless work.

    The importance of certification

    Did you know that translators, to be able to translate legal and other official documents, need a certification? Same for a translation service provider in Dubai – to be authentic and approved by the government, a translation service provider in Dubai needs government’s stamp of authority – which is a certification.

    For example, QTS DMCC is certified by the government of UAE to translate and even attest legal documents in all the languages they undertake to translate in the UAE. This matters a lot, as it also means that this legal translation company employs verified and trained linguists from around the world. They are experts who have the necessary professional qualifications and skill sets to be able to do translations accurately.

    Certification establishes credentials of the translation service provider in Dubai

    Whenever you go to a translation company in Dubai, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: one is the services they offer, the second is to do some research about whether they are certified or not – as this also establishes the credentials of the translation service provider. An official certificate authorizing the company to undertake legal document translation, or a certificate of accurate translation ups the value and reputation of the company. With this, you can be assured that the company will do the best to translate all types of documents accurately. Not only that, a translation service company like QTS DMCC even willingly testifies to the accuracy of their translations as and when needed. Therefore, if you hand over your job to them with complete trust.

    A certified translation service provider will be discreet

    Legal and official documents often demand secrecy. They could be million-dollar deals, company mergers, product launches, and more. And one of the most beneficial aspect of hiring a certified legal translation service provider in Dubai is that they will keep things discreet. This is because most certified translation companies like QTS DMCC willingly sign confidentiality agreements when asked for. This is very useful, for, when you are getting complicated legal documents translated, you don’t want to give access to everyone over apps like Google Translate – hiring a certified translation company like QTS DMCC is the best way to avoid this.

    Social standing, political and legal knowledge

    A translation service provider in Dubai must have the requisite understanding of the social mores of all the countries it’s catering to. Often, legal translation does get challenged with having to incorporate social and cultural nuances and subtleties into the legal context. A certified company that employs linguists who are experts in various legal aspects of their own language, are the only ones who will get it right the very first time without you having to face embarrassing situations. So, opt for a translation company that has a good social reputation among the peers, and has translators from across the globe who are native speakers of the language you are looking to get your document translated into.


    In a nutshell, certification matters when it comes to a translation service provider. It’s a good thing in the long run to go for a certified translation company such as QTS-DMCC which has legitimate testimonials. Otherwise, misspelt words and wrongly translated sentences micht put a dent in your credibility. Translated documents, especially legal and technical ones require a professional hand when it comes to translation.

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