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    Anointed to Bring Deliverance

    Adapted from the resource Battlefield of the Mind - by Joyce Meyer

    Did you know Jesus’ first public appearance recorded in Luke’s gospel was in His hometown’s synagogue in Nazareth? When the leader handed Him the scroll of Isaiah, Jesus read the words you see in today’s verse. What the people there didn’t understand yet was that what He was reading to them was describing Himself: “The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon Me . . . to announce release to the captives” (v. 18). Isn’t that what Jesus did then? Isn’t that what Jesus does now? He said God had anointed Him specifically for that task. If that’s true—and I don’t doubt it for a second—do I honor Jesus by remaining a captive? Do I honor Him by believing that I can never overcome my past? Because Jesus received the anointing to deliver me, there’s only two possible results: He sets me free or He doesn’t.

    This is what happens on the battlefield of the mind, as I’ve pointed out again and again—the enemy and Jesus are both always speaking to you. Your deliverance (and mine) depends on which voice we listen to. If we listen to Jesus and believe Him, He says that deliverance is not only possible, but it becomes our reality. If God anointed Jesus for that purpose, it means God empowered Him to open prison doors and set captives free. You and I can’t be set free until we start to believe it’s possible. If you believe that God loves you, wants only the best for you, and has a perfect plan for your life, how can you doubt?

    Even if you’ve had a terrible, heartbreaking and abusive past, as I did, please know that so many others are walking through this with you, and that healing and freedom are possible for you. Even one of the most broken people in the Bible—a man who was possessed by multiple demons, living in a graveyard and far beyond human help—was completely restored and set free when he met Jesus (see Mark 5:1-20). Jesus did that because that’s what the Lord does—He sets prisoners free, and He’ll set you free.

    Prayer Starter: Father, thank You for anointing Jesus to set me free. Please forgive me for the times I’ve listened to the enemy’s voice that makes me feel like I’m beyond help. You are the Deliverer. Thank You for delivering me from everything that holds me back from fully serving You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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