• Knowing Your Purpose: Are You a Godpreneur?

    Disclaimer: This is a pretty long message but you’ll enjoy reading the rest of it (I think or I think not). If you do feel sleepy in the middle though, you may skip the boring ones and just get on to the next pile of stories.

    “Are you a Godpreneur?”

    Yes, I am a Godpreneur…..in the making. That is, for me and my siblings.

    But first, thanks be to God for restoring our landline and wi-fi connection from super slow to nothing last week to just right fast now. Just in time for me to prepare for this article yesterday, write, and post it today. Btw, 1mb for me is fast enough. lol If you are wondering too if I have no work assigned today, yep, God allowed it my Thursday and Friday be free for this week so I could research and prepare for this article.

    So what is a Godpreneur? This might be the first time you’ve heard of it. If you have read my post entitled An Ode to My Grandpa: Memoirs , that was the first time I mentioned the term “Godpreneur.”

    This is the website where I encountered the term first: http://www.dailygodpreneur.com/ . When I checked it out, I can only say that indeed, this is what I need for this season. I’d like to reiterate what the owner of Daily Godpreneur said regarding the importance of reading your bible on a daily basis every morning. I do that every day too since I got saved in 2013. It is such a vital process if you want to know what God’s will is for you and in knowing your calling. Here’s how my journal/planner looks like – a combination of daily bible verses, daily devotionals, and prayers:

    But before I went to that website, I first got a glimpse of it through IG in its random Search feed where it collates similar photos based on your likes. Most of my liked photos are about bible verses so I thought maybe it got integrated with it. It captured my attention (God’s plan for sure) and I checked out the IG profile. At that time, I just came back from my hometown where hubby and I spent our Christmas vacation.

    After the prayer and fasting, this became one of the topics that the Spirit prompted me to write about – An Ode to My Grandpa: Memoirs . I wrote the article, shared it on Facebook, and tagged my siblings. I did mention in the article I have no idea how to utilize the land without the finances to back it up. The next thing that happened, we were all making serious plans about it. Literally serious plans.

    When I wrote that article I guess I was praying to God that if this is His will over me and my family, may He lead the way and prepare us all for the tasks beforehand. Now, when I look back to the decisions I made, the sacrifices my husband and I had to go through, it seems the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place though the entire picture is nowhere near completion.

    Everything made sense.

    All you need to do is just let go and let God, again and again and again. Part of the sacrifices and hard decisions I mentioned is letting go of an opportunity to be promoted to a Managing Editor and earn 30-40k which could’ve brought me and my husband to such great relief financially. But when I prayed to God about it, the question He asked was this,

    “What is your motivation, Tin, for getting the promotion?”

    Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love my job now as a freelance content writer. I never enjoyed any work I did in my previous jobs than how I do now. I love how my work demanded versatility as a writer with all the different clients and specific demands we have to deal with. But my reason is mainly that I didn’t feel it in my heart to take on the responsibility. If my motivation is the high salary, we all know it is the wrong motivation. I may be ready to take on editing roles, however, managing people is my waterloo. I wasn’t prepared so to speak and I felt it isn’t God’s perfect time either.

    But hear ye, hear ye. God hears prayers even those little voices that our hearts tend to whisper because we are unaware we’re praying for them already. This article (http://www.dailygodpreneur.com/disciplining-employees/ ) yet again from Daily Godpreneur came just in time along with so many articles that I can totally relate now. I can’t help sharing them with my siblings too. In one instance, my brother mentioned in one of our meetings that if we are to venture into this business, it is not going to be for profit. We all agreed to it.

    I also suggested we can use parts of the land as a retreat area and for the vacation home, God already gave us ideas how it should look like. For example, I got this idea of putting tables with bible verses on top of it when we ate at Mary Grace restaurant. Nothing is more spiritually rejuvenating during your retreat than being surrounded by the exact Words of God while communing with nature which is God’s creationYy

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