• Why would you use a .ng domain name for your website?

    January 7, 2011 by Oluniyi Ajao

    .ng is the country-code Top Level Domain (cc-TLD) for Nigeria. In plain English, it is Nigeria’s domain name system that identifies websites related to Nigeria. It is currently available for registration only in the following variants, with most of them being restricted to Nigerian entities:

    1. com.ng – open domain, commercial entities and businesses

    2. org.ng – semi-open domain, non-commercial organizations

    3. gov.ng – governmental organizations

    4. edu.ng – degree awarding institutions

    5. net.ng – ISP infrastructure

    6. sch.ng – Secondary Schools

    7. name.ng – open domain

    8. mobi.ng – open domain, suitable for mobile devices

    9. biz.ng – open domain, suitable for all types of businesses

    10. mil.ng – closed domain (Nigerian Military Establishments only)

    I threw this question open recently via

    Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz:

    Would you use a .ng domain name for your website? Why? The responses were varied and interesting. Find a few of them below:

    yes o! cause it makes it truly nigerian

    No, won’t like to be associated with fraud.

    I would use .ng, but I would not use .com.ng or .net.ng

    Yeah, cause I be Omo Nija and I am Incredibly Proud

    Not until I can use it without .com or .org in front of it.

    Lotsa creative sites can come with that domain, bi.ng. weddi.ng etc

    Possibly though I’ll be afraid Nigeria’s bad reputation would affect the traffic at my site

    I am unable to name the respondents nor link to their respective comments since I did not plan to re-publish their comments and thus did not advise them earlier.

    It is interesting that those who would use a .ng domain would do so out of pride in their national identity whilst those against .ng would stay away out of fear for the poor reputation Nigeria has over the Internet. Another angle are those who wish they could register .ng domains directly at the 2nd-level. Examples: lovi.ng, cari.ng etc.

    It is time to open-up the debate and educate ourselves. Would YOU use a .ng domain name for YOUR website? If yes, why? If no, why not? Feel free to share your views in the comments area. If you are a blogger, feel to respond through your own blog post. Notify me and I would link to your blog post.

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    Would you use a .ng domain name for your website? Why?

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